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for Simplistic Worries

8/28/2008 c1 bipedalcooney
Really wonderfully written. I'm not a religious person in the least, and I really respect the message of this poem. Great reflections, and awesome writing!
8/5/2008 c1 Needa S
Amen to that. Beautifully done! Write on and God Bless.
7/8/2008 c1 11Peng
I like it! I like how the poem is set up because it directs the attention to the problems in the begining and then says how God is the only one who can save the problems. Its an awesome message that needs to be told!
7/8/2008 c1 70PoetryQueen
I really liked that poem! Just 1 things. The last 2 lines flow, but don't make sense with what you're talking about. Am I making sense. They follow the rhythem and all, but to me make no sense. Maybe if you changed it to With him, we will fly, like a freed dove. I think that would sound better. That is just my oponion. Other than that great job! I really liked that a lot!

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