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6/1/2011 c1 impossibly-infinite
Good story! :)))
4/27/2009 c1 5I Murder on Impulse
Aw so cute!11

4/2/2009 c1 JZK
I loved the ending - it was so cute
3/17/2009 c1 13blurrylights
I really enjoyed this one shot. The plot, while a little expected, was sweet and fun to read. I also really connected with the characters, so I was SO mad when Chuck hit her. Why kind of jerk does that? I'm glad Logan was there. And Holly and Josh seem really cool, and I wish we had more scenes with them, but overall, very nice job. :)
12/4/2008 c1 2EnchantedKorean
quite cute. If I do say so myself. Haha. Good job. :)
7/25/2008 c1 rachelaine
This was really great. :) Logan, wow. He's amazing. :P
7/23/2008 c1 3Tasha Mandaire
That was so sweet and cute. Nicely written.Later! ^.^
7/8/2008 c1 2iPod
Wow, that was... sweet!

A cute little story, Logan rocks and chuck sucks ass! :D

Yay you!

Now update to make a scene!

7/8/2008 c1 14Kicon
SWET AND CUTE AND AWESOME FLUFFINESS! I really love it! truly! Chuck's a jerk and Logan rocks!


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