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8/25/2008 c11 10Koki Enwai
Sorry I couldn't get this review to you sooner.

Woah. I think this chapter is the longest yet! And, I have to say, it's my favorite so far. Can't wait to figure out what this "ultimate betrayal" is all about.

- Koki
8/11/2008 c10 Koki Enwai
I think the chapter was fine; I really don't think that there was anything missing from it.

Can't wait to read more of it!

- Koki
7/25/2008 c9 Koki Enwai

Marcus. . . He did! Wow.

Things are really getting suspenseful now. I wonder if he'll really get away with it looking like a suicide. . .

- Koki
7/21/2008 c8 Koki Enwai
Ah, I love Ellie. . . But Marcus is my favorite character. Still. Haha.

Can't wait for more!

- Koki
7/15/2008 c6 Koki Enwai
Is it wrong that I really really like Marcus?

Anyway, Edie is cool. So far.

I'm liking how this is going. It's exciting to know that it will be thirty chapters long!

- Koki
7/12/2008 c3 Koki Enwai
Dun dun dun. . .

Quite nice.

Um, Marianna might be pregnant? That's kind of a scary thought at this point. . .

Can't wait for more. Keep up the good work!

- Koki
7/9/2008 c1 Koki Enwai
Yay! And so it continues. . .

Very nice work, as usual.

- Koki

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