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for I Swear there is a Dude Living under my Bed

7/16/2008 c2 adda lee
interesting...can't wait for the next chapter! nice long chapters too
7/16/2008 c2 Claudia
WOW! I really like this story please Update!

I'm Puerto Rican, so i really like that your using spanish.

Por Favor update! Haha.

Please Update!

7/16/2008 c2 1Kuri Shirosenshi -Darkness
WOW! ok Gotta Say, This Story Is Awsome!
7/16/2008 c2 9biggerthanthis
Amazing job! I like it a lot... just a note on your A/N though- is schizophrenia really a disease? Or a mental disorder? Because they might be the same thing but disease sounds... catchable. You know? xD
7/16/2008 c1 StopThisSong
To put it simply, I adore your story. I was nodding right along with Marti at every sense of rage she felt, and her personality really shines through. =) Great work, and I enjoy reading more of it. ^^
7/16/2008 c2 1Jevanminx
This is so so so so cool. The plot is amazing and funny and just brillaint, the research and ideas you've come up with for this story is just excellent and I cant wait to see how it progresses.

7/11/2008 c1 PaintSunshine
This is awesome. Very original idea. I really like it.

Definitely something new and refreshing. Keep writing. I can sense this story turning into a pleasant ride. :)
7/9/2008 c1 SilverWine
Really interesting.

I'm latin, not Cuban though but you sure love to use that word P a lot. In my country, it's usually very unspoken. If anyone says it, it's like a sin or something.And your spanish is really good, I might add.

Anyway, be sure to update soon!
7/9/2008 c1 5Juneaux
Haha, loved it so far. Nice long chapter, too! One thing, though, is Theo still under her bed? I might be a bit confused.

Anyway, I hope you update soon!
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