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7/6/2009 c19 Strawdygrl
You updated! YES! Do you know how long I have been waiting? Thank you. I like this chapter...although I feel bad that Seph has to be, almost imprisoned by him...but he does love her so, and I hope she comes to realize that she loves him just as much.
7/1/2009 c18 Evanescent.Sight
You havnt updated fornanwhile but please dont abandon this story, its brilliant!
6/27/2009 c18 4Guacamole
hmm well i have to say, this has been an interesting take on the story of these two. i've been enjoying it a lot, so i hope you keep up the good work!
6/15/2009 c18 Hannah
6/6/2009 c1 ErikaCrotts
please continue with this story!
5/17/2009 c18 anon
I love this story! Please update soon. :)
4/14/2009 c18 Erika.C
you can't stop there.! please continue and update!this is one of the best stories !
3/20/2009 c18 dancnwmypinkipod
your story is refreshingly amazing! please continue to update i love this story!
3/2/2009 c18 edwardluver961
I love it so much! I hate it that she doesn't love him yet.
2/20/2009 c18 Miho
OMG! That was so good! Poor Hades. He's so awesome and though Persephone doesn't appreciate it.
2/19/2009 c18 9MaskedNightingale
Oh, poor hades, I think he's my fav character.
2/17/2009 c18 Strawdygrl
*Sigh* Persophone is so stubborn! And that is so true...all she feels is lust...but at the same time you know that deep down she can feel that she loves him...she just has to realize it. Brilliant, once again, and I won't try and rush you to update, because I know you are busy, but I will be waiting patiently!
2/17/2009 c18 Torn Silver
Great chapter! It was very well written, and I'm glad Hecate isn't completely willing to let Persephone waltz into her life.
2/17/2009 c18 Laughing-Like-Bells
That was really really good! :D
2/17/2009 c18 82Isabella22
I hope we get to see what this chapter is like in Persephone's point of view!
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