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1/11/2009 c16 xMarissaxMars
Haha so yeah I love this...lol

My Friend sent me a link for this at like 5am and i couldnt stop reading lol.

Your really creative =D

and its now just about 8am
1/10/2009 c16 9Phoebe Majere
This ending made me get tears in my eyes! I love Hades! I'll marry him if she doesn't! :D I was in love with him when I first read about him in my mythology books when I was, oh, five-years-old. Keep it up and update soon!
1/10/2009 c6 1philia-calliope

I'm sorry to have fallen SO far behind :( I've been getting alerts, but I've been extremely busy this year...graduating and all that. Anyway, I don'thave a lot of time...I promise to come back (and maybe at ...I'm more active there) at finish with another review or a PM.

First off, I simply adored your characterisations of all these mythologicalcharacters. Your versions are brilliant! They are stil true to the originals, but have their own charm. I really adore Persephone, she's such a sweetie...she innocent and sweet, aw! Each Olympian deity was true to their 'role' as well, Athena's wise insistence that Hades be included etc...That sort of thing.

Secondly, The WAY you write the characters is thoroughly entertaining! I love the atmosphere and interaction between them, like Persephone trying on Aphrodite's dresses...I like the air of familiarity between everyone (as it should be) and just the way you've done it, well, it's truly fun to read. Like a mythological soap opera sans the cheapness of the soap! Trust me, that's a compliment...even though I do enjoy the odd soap, and mythology is quite dramatic...this story has the fun of the soap character interactions without being predictable or OTT. Great work...I promise to catch up with the story, might take me time, but I will! Most likely at ! Hit me up there, if I forget!
1/10/2009 c11 volleychick89
This seems like a pretty cool story. I wonder if there would be more reviews though if you allowed anonymous pepes to review as well. lol, yeah I know, I'm looking at this story all out of order...it happens.
1/10/2009 c16 volleychick89
excuse me...I need to go cry like a little girl now. Beautiful. lol...great update!
1/10/2009 c16 1HisFiestyBeauty
I loved this chapter, poor Hades. I cant wait for more!
1/10/2009 c16 1Solade
i love this chapter! it is so good! please please please keep writing this story!
1/10/2009 c16 82Isabella22
Ahh! You've got to update again! Poor Hades! (I love Cerberus!
1/7/2009 c15 1Charred Feathers
This is easily my favorite story on fictionpress right now. The characterizations, the touches of romance, the humor; everything is so well written! Hope to see another chapter soon!
1/4/2009 c15 1Anna Y.C
Oh it took you such a time to start posting again. A sad, melanchony chapter.Wonder what the escape will be like. Update soon!
1/3/2009 c15 6LaughsWithTears
I absolutely positively LOVE it! you had a few name mis spellings, such as cronus. I THINK its spelled Kronos, but I'm not sure. Have you ever read the Percy Jackson and te Olympian books? They are really good.
1/2/2009 c15 9Phoebe Majere
Where did the servants go and why did they take so long? A half hour? No wonder Persephone wanted to get out! Thanks so much for finally ((XP)) posting! :D
1/2/2009 c15 2Buri-kun
finally, another chapter! thank you very much!

it feels like an interlude between two important moments- is that what you were going for?

it's really an interesting choice to make hades so honorable- i always imagined him as unapologetic and blunt. the way he's characterized is really nice in its contrast with some of the usual imagery associated with him.

i have a bit of a bone to pick about persephone, though...she still seems a bit two-dimensional/flat...or is that just me?

keep up the good work! can't wait for more!
11/12/2008 c14 cancelledout
We want an update! :D
10/10/2008 c14 Anuphic Kaion
WHOOT! ^^ Can't wait till the next chapter! ^^ And poor Hades... XD
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