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for The Child of A Rebel

6/24/2001 c1 16Jade Mystique
yay...more mythology ^_^ poor tramaple, that would kinda suck. I'd say more, but my brain is fried from doing math homework (the summer is not made for doing math! why don't my parents see this? argh!)
6/17/2001 c1 11victoria crow
did you do this for school? its expectedly awesome i remember mine was about morning glories. I LOVE BOBBY FISCHER
5/27/2001 c1 16Ninamazing
Oh, *veeery* cool. I LOVE stories like this! ^^ Nice profile picture, too - did you make it yourself? Oh, and thanks for reviewing "Cameila" . . . sorry I didn't get back to you until now; life's too busy! Grar!

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