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for The Attack of The Evil Demon Spoons!

1/9/2022 c1 raesi01
I like your novel,, it has a great story indeed. I wanna give you an offer that related to your work. Would you main give me your email to discuss the details further.
3/2/2002 c1 just another weasley
only u kelly, only u could come up sith such a story. its so silly. i love it- u know that right?
11/19/2001 c1 Raberba girl not signed in
Reeeally stupid...really funny...and I love your writing style. *shakes head, grinning*
7/16/2001 c1 Liz Fork
Good God. Wilbur Horace Smithocracker the Third. Genius.

If I ever have grandchildren, I will read them this story.
6/24/2001 c1 16Jade Mystique
lol dare I ask what inspired this? :)
6/17/2001 c1 cathee ryn
yo, whuttup foo? i liked the story, but I have a few questions.

A. why was the girl named Meghan (does the real meg. know that she's turned into a werewolf?)

B. why weren't there more VAMPIRES? or at least the fluffy bats?

C.WHY was the kid's name Will? he should have been named Harry, helllloooooo.

but all in all, I'd say that it's not quite a modern day adaptation of pride and prejudice, but it was still awesome. I'd give it 5 1/2 stars
4/30/2001 c1 Meghan
Kelly...i am not a warewolf! i had forgotten (of course) that you had used me in this um...scary..piece of annoying writing for mrs uknowhatinglsey. NOW YOU WILL PAY! MOOHAHHHAA. ha. have a nice day! =)

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