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7/14/2008 c2 9Lily Llynn
Very intriguing, atypical characters. I can't wait to see what you make of them and how they will affect each other. (:
7/14/2008 c2 hedwigisnotdead
Ooh, this is splending. By reading your lj over the past few months, I can assure you that Mia playing the piano is definitely better than Adrian on her bed. And those heaps of books definitely must have helped, because the description is 30% more than usual, and quite delightful.

This story is definitely different- and different is always good. The characters are verily fascinating indeed, although Mia keeps making me think of Princess Diaries, and I couldn't think of any more different characters. xD
7/14/2008 c2 1Distant Dreams
So do I.. I really look forward to more chapters. Mia seems like a really interesting person... anyway, good job. In one chapter, you've already established the characters of three people properly.:)
7/14/2008 c1 Distant Dreams
Cute. Moving on!~
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