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5/5/2009 c31 4Lady Katreina
Wah! You are wonderful, and it is an amazing epilogue. Thank you for updating.
5/5/2009 c14 2Ponder000
Another funny ending, or rather dramatic like. Almost like watching a drama episode that ended in a spectacle =)
5/4/2009 c13 Ponder000
This chap was a kind of a nice break from all the other, for lack of a better word, intense stuff. I found the other chaps had quite a bit of people being angry or whatnot. This one ended on a funny note. It made me laugh inside =)
5/4/2009 c6 Ponder000
I think names are important when it comes to the type of character it portrays. Names conveys something about the character that is otherwise inexpressible by other means. If you get what i mean =)

Hence im glad you didn't decide on anna,joe, and steven (i think thats what was in your A/n)
4/27/2009 c31 7lilxseeker
i enjoyed this story immensely!
4/18/2009 c31 3RayaSlayer

i don't know what to say.

That was really really really good!

The twist was disturbingly interesting and you played your characters well. I especially liked how you used the underlyingly simple symbols throughout the story which signified change. for example her tone and the way she spoke.

The plot was really really creative!

Thank you for such a great story :)
4/17/2009 c31 avatarmash
the is such a great story! CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING IT! you were right, the ending was perfect! it made me feel all happy inside!

was there a veronica mars' reference in chapter 29? the sentence about the ones you love the most hurting you the most (or something similar to that)?
4/17/2009 c31 30Jainblu
I love it too. took my own journey whilst reading this one, so definitely ine that i think i'll remember.

(thank thank you)

4/17/2009 c30 Jainblu
okay - so been away for a while, and have come back to this! M- you did this!

definetly like coming back home, loved this, loved reading it and completely love how it fits in to the story.

Thank you

4/15/2009 c31 16Yereanth16
I loved the ending it was just...wow... you kept me surprise during the story I could never figure out what u where going to do next!

4/9/2009 c31 ryse
I am sincerely glad I came upon your story. Great story: one of your best, I should imagine. I'm still contemplating whether or whether not I should read 'Still Waters' but I'll wait until that is completed as I am quite glad that I read this when this was completed (it was addicting and still leaves me wanting for more; although, I do suspect this is a standalone). I have found an error within your story; although do correct me if I am wrong. The first is where you write about Channing living in the apartments and you sounded as if the McKinley's didn't own them (since you said earlier in the story that Mia owned those apartments). Perhaps; however, that is because of the state that the apartments were in.

Other than that: fantastic story. I've managed to read almost all your stories although I daresay, Eidolon seems a bit too dark for me. Keep writing and I hope to see your stories published soon (I've live in Sydney).

4/9/2009 c6 ryse
Anna, Joe and Steve (shocked) I would have probably never read this in the first place if you called your characters that. Well, I've gotta read again. Will review soon!
4/6/2009 c31 hannah
that was beautiful. *sighs* almost dreamlike and you captured a lot in this short chapter.
aw. there's really going to be no sequel to this?:(
4/1/2009 c31 soaps'nsuds
no wonder you love this story. i loved it too.:) sometimes it's refreshing how people could get their happy endings without all the sap. life's a bitch most of the time but you've illustrated in your story what i believe in - that you could still have your happy ending. now, what kind of happy ending it is? it's still a matter of opinion.

as always, what you've written was beautiful. i can't help but notice how you've matured as a writer. you're very far from AAO. and it's good that you're exploring new settings now.:) and i shall say that this story is worthy to be published.

maybe it's time for you to write something that doesn't involve high school, don't you think?:)
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