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3/31/2009 c9 soaps'nsuds
you're awfully angsty lately. i wonder why...:)
3/30/2009 c31 7Unbirthday
I think I like your standalone stories much more than the River Valley series. I like RV because it's fun and lighthearted, but I think more of your talent shows through these more serious endeavors. I really enjoyed reading this story. Kudos to an excellent end to a compelling story of self-discovery! It's my favorite out of all your original stories to date! At first, I don't know why, but I was against reading this story. I think I might have read the first chapter, and Mia struck me as such a different character that on a first impression I didn't like her and didn't want to continue reading. When I was waiting for the newest chapters of "Still Waters" to come out, only then did I finally decide to try to read the first couple of chapters. And I am so glad I did. It felt like one of those books where I'm not hooked on by the first sentence, but somewhere after the 3rd chapter or so, I am so intrigued and hungry for more, I don't know why I ever thought this story was not worth reading. It was amazing to see how much Mia changed, how Peregrine changed! Peregrine certainly has that bad boy appeal but I was still rooting for Mia and Peregrine to be together. I am also amazed at the strength of Sophronia (what a wonderful name, btw), Elias, and Morris' love and loyalty to Mia. This story was far more complex than I had thought it was. This story reminds me of "Eidolon" and "Daddy's Little Girl" in a way- with all the family secrets and betrayals and, is that a theme you're interested in?

I'm really interested in what you're working on next! Do you have another standalone story in the making?
3/28/2009 c31 6cityflux
I just want to say that I simply adore this story.

The character development (especially of Mia) is very well-planned and the flow of the story is very fluid. From the way they are described, Peregrine and Channing seem so real.

This is by far one of my favourite stories of yours. I hope to see more good works from you. :)
3/27/2009 c31 1Orphina
This is one of the deepest, most profund, and emotionally touching things I have ever read. You managed to capture the surreal way life tends to play out sometimes all weaved with despair, and sometimes, just sometimes, joy. You put the two most flawed characters (in my opinion) together, and yet...to my utter surprise...they are perfect together. Originally Peregrine's cold demeanor irritated me, but, well he slowly grew on me.

And Channing, oh he is just sweet and caring and like an angel on earth. You gave yout characters so much depth and I could really connect with them and feel their emotions. If anything, this should be published. I can imagine it bound and just think, what if everyone could feel what you put your readers through? Such a ride, but an enjoyable one at that. I stayed up for hours upon hours reading this, I could barely contain my gasps and chuckles and tears that threatened to spill over. Truly a moving story, I could go on forever.

Very Nice. Please keep writing!
3/21/2009 c31 8Amber Hill
i spent the last few hours glued to the computer reading the whole story, even though i have a mountain-load of school work to do, and sleep to catch up on... this was really well written, and like you, i think the epilogue was perfect :) the characters were appropriately fleshed-out, especially Perry, who i thought had a very consistent character throughout. i think you've put a lot of thought about how your characters grow up and reveal themselves in the course of the story... and it reminds me of one of my favourite authors Fiona Walker (her books are chicklit but who can deny that she does personalities like no other).

i haven't read a story on fictionpress in a long long time, and i'm glad i read yours today. :) keep on writing!
3/19/2009 c31 2Arialla
Aww. I love the ending. so it's a happy fairytale ending after all =) or as close to one as these three can get.

I'm going to miss Channing and Peregrine. and I definitely have to say that I was so happy that you chose Peregrine for Mia and not Channing. while I love Channing, he's too close to what one would expect for Mia - too safe. Peregrine's not. he's just as messed up as she is and he's completely flawed, and in a way, that makes him perfect for her.

by the way, I saw the question you asked about whether you should change the character from James Franco to Ben Barnes. I'm glad you didn't.

so I guess it's back to Still Waters now. would you ever consider writing another story like this one?

~ Aria
3/19/2009 c22 Arialla
Holy shit. okay, so I was definitely wrong with that one, although not too far off. although if far-ness is relative, I didn't even really come close... I'd say I missed by several miles. wow... that is seriously effed up. and I LOVE it hahaha. so basically, her grandfather is her real father, which would make her mother also technically her sister. wow... only you, lol. only you could weave something as intricate as this.

Okay, back to reading...

~ Aria
3/19/2009 c17 Arialla
Okay, I've been reading this story nonstop for several hours now (I've already lost count... my head's spinning but I really can't stop reading). and I have to say, this is really different from your usual line of stories, but at the same time, just from your writing and your characters and descriptions, I KNOW it's your writing. you have a distinctive style, and while I can't describe or pinpoint what it is exactly, it's just characteristically you.

I want to keep reading, but I just needed to drop and line here and say that I LOVE this. I've read every single one of your stories (in fact, I can't believe I didn't read this one until now), and while I enjoyed all of them, I have to say that Channing and Peregrine are quite possibly my two favorite characters out of any story you've written. they're just so REAL and true to form. and while I'm on that thread, I looked at the pics for the characters that you put up. I have to say, I really, really love the idea of James Franco as Peregrine. He just fits the profile so perfectly that I find it nearly impossible to picture him as any other actor. you have an uncanny knack for matching actors/actresses with characters, that's for sure.

and since I digressed onto that thread, I just wanted to say that there are only a few characters that I can't picture matched up with the respective actors and actresses you've named. I'd say 9 times out of 10, you hit the mark dead-on, but for me, some matchings don't work. (of course, you know your characters better than anyone, so feel free to disregard any of this). I just don't see Leighton Meester as Adrian Blake. to me, Leighton will always be Blair, and with her image comes the upper-class snobbiness that Adrian doesn't have. I've always pictured Adrian as more like Megan Fox (although I know you used her as Riona Harcourt). but like I said, please just ignore that... I just wanted to let you know.

anyway, back to AWM... I'm going to continue reading. I knew that Jax was Channing before I found out (it was just such a wild idea that I knew you probably couldn't resist that twist) and right now I'm thinking that maybe Morris (or possibly even Channing's dad, as a different wild spin) is Mia's real father. I'm probably wrong on both those counts though, since that's REALLY out there, but who knows? and quite possibly Channing is related to Daisy. but that's for you to already know and me to find out within the next few hours. =)

see you at the end!

~ Aria
3/19/2009 c31 35pixy-dizzy
I can't tell you how much I loved reading this. Some of your other stories have had a touch of emotional distance that was off-putting at times, but this story was a masterpiece of character development. And love. There is so much love that you put into this story, that is reflected in it.

There are so many what-ifs, so many promises, so many hopes amid all the small and large tragedies of this story. Your descriptions throughout this were incredibly lush, too-though at the beginning some of them seemed pretentious. But then, that was Mia-at-the-beginning, right? So it was actually perfect.

Channing roared onto the screen, and he was golden and passionate and fierce and kind and lovely and rude and beautiful and safe. I went through a struggle, trying to figure out if it ought to be Mia/Channing or Mia/Peregrine. But I've always had a weak spot for cynical, dark, abrasive, troubled, angry, almost cruel characters who, in their own way, are searching for redemption. And Peregrine-oh god, Peregrine was a force of nature in his own right. I'm not sure why, but the fact that you did not make him physically (or really even psychologically) beautiful, not like Channing, made me fall more in love with him. Because it meant that he relied on something other than handsomeness to be the powerful presence that he was throughout this novel. You communicated that perfectly.

And Mia. I think that of course, with Mia as the narrator, you know her better than anyone. But god, I loved Mia. I loved prim Mia, brutally honest Mia, pretentious Mia, snobby Mia, terrified Mia, broken Mia, hopeful Mia, my-world-collapsed-under-me Mia, abrasive Mia, i-won't-take-your-shit Mia. She is one of the bravest characters I have ever read.

I've read a lot of your stories, and I've enjoyed each and every one of them. But this story was so staggeringly beautiful, revolving as it does around a horrific family secret, and I want to immerse myself in your world. You have a knack for characterization, and this story was an incredible achievement of it.

i'M uR Numb3r 1 fAn! ajkwle;jrl;ejkl;a
3/19/2009 c31 Icy-Touch
This is by far one of your best stories. It moves me in ways none of the others have, and you really get a feel for the intense emotions. It's not a happy go lucky ending. But it's the best ending for the story that I think you could have come up with. Life is not always sunshine, and you've captured that very well. I have been thoroughly shaken by this story, for good and bad. Thank you for sharing it, I know it will always be one of my favorite stories to read.

Because though they are not innocent, they still move forward, despite everything.

That's the best kind of story, and the hardest strength to come by.

So thank you.
3/17/2009 c31 loveables
This story was great i stayed upa ll nite to finish it..im not gona lie i was soo on the Channing/Mia vote but hey i styl like itlol
3/16/2009 c24 loveables
Wow. dam a the begining i wanted chang to get her..but idk peregrine is such..a cold ass.=\ idk but to me he doesnt evn seem tht fukd up =S
3/15/2009 c31 2pfeiffer
i think i've said this before and i'll gladly say it again... you are absolutely amazing.. the range of your writing is just wow! i havent been visiting much of FP lately but when i have time i always check on your site... this is great.. with you, no one can expect how things will play out... ive already finished sox in a box, now i'm off to read grant and nicky's story... ^_^
3/15/2009 c31 5Not Mary Jane
oh my. I can feel my heart is crying now.

this story is so beautiful. I like the ball scene the most, you know, when Mia went to sit with Peregrine and talked to his friends? So fun, and Mia looked so... cool.

I root Peregrine and Mia from the very beginning, and I'm just so happy that the really ended up together.

and what Mia came through is really tough. I really like the changing process of Mia and Peregrine. By the way, I still don't know the correct pronunciation of Peregrine.

And the name Channing always made me think of Channing Tatum. haha.

Anyway, Mia, Peregrine and Channing had become my favorite characters in fictionpress. ;)
3/14/2009 c31 1Faeya
Dude, I didn't even notice you had the epilogue up!

And shucks, I
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