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6/28/2014 c1 3MaddamAndRobin
Nicely done.
12/24/2013 c1 TechNomaNcer28
:-(!Oh!That was so shockingly depressing!And so well done,the writing is exquisite,the only word I could think of at the moment really!Honestly though,it's so realistic,it breaks my heart!
7/15/2013 c1 70Naver
Whoa. That turned dark. Well no. It was already like that . I knew what was going on but ..but it still shocked .

-continue to write
10/27/2011 c1 xfffxfxfx
This is a moving story. It gains everything from it's brevity. Because it's just a passing glance of a life, hints of things that are larger than we can see, it is effective. I'm happy that you avoided being sentimental or maudlin.
8/21/2010 c1 24Desi Dangers
I was on the verge of crying when i read the last part, was not expecting it to end like that and man Jimmy's mother, it seemed as if she wanted him to do it, but i guess she did seeing as she is the only one to have been able to offer up the bullet.

Any way i loved it, great job. :D
9/22/2008 c1 6Love Kills Slowly
Wow. I'm speechless. *favorites*
7/22/2008 c1 2WrittenSound
That is... I cant even finish... *sigh* sometimes I wish I were strong enough to have that option... It's hard to... not be loved back, you know? Of course you know, you wrote this... Well... great story anyway...
7/15/2008 c1 82Doxology
Wow. That really left me speechless.




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