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for The silence that follows

9/21/2008 c15 mado
wa i loved this story, so great so cute thank you! i am looking forward for your new fictions.
8/14/2008 c15 3PQ
This story made my stomach tighten but always left me with a smile. Great job.
8/1/2008 c6 1animebaby2000
hey good job :)
7/30/2008 c15 4pandasXrobots
aw so cyute! they have a child. its sad the caleb is missing out on the fun, but that was his choice. im glad cain found someone better. aw. i cant stop smiling. though i should before my face falls off.

now i can tell you how much i loved this story since it its over. everything about it was great. im happy the way everything turned out and so forth. man oh man am i glad i stayed with this story becuase i would have missed out on such a great piece of work.

cant wait to see whatever more is coming up from you.!
7/29/2008 c15 1LunaSerena
aww omygosh i luvd ur story. i luvs yaoi uber much. it was awesome! well written and sensible, it was like a little short movie or something. the um intimate bits were great too, cuz u know it wasnt too too explicit but totally enough to get me *wink* which i think is way sexier and more arousing than overly detailed intimacies. o gosh i cant wait to read more of your stuffs. AWESOMES :)
7/29/2008 c14 4pandasXrobots
aww so cute! im so glad his dad, papa, or whatever is gone now. oh man, its such a relief that seth and caleb were safe. that was scary. pow pow for scaring meh. no, just joking. but that was great.
7/28/2008 c15 1They Call Me Soysauce
Aw! Married and with a daughter... so sweet. Poor Cain, being deserted like that, but at least he found Julian. This is such a beautiful story. Please keep up the good work and I'll be eagerly awaiting your next work! *happy tears*

(Oh... Did we ever find out what happened between Marie and Jasmine...?)
7/28/2008 c14 They Call Me Soysauce
Oh thank goodness they're okay! I thought Seth was gonna die... You're so cruel for making us worry. T^T (By the way, I was listening to "Sugar Ghost" by ...music video? while reading and it went perfectly with the mood. But then the stupid CAPTCHA had to give me "dogs gaylord" of all things and tainted the moment. ._.)
7/28/2008 c15 25By Design Juliet
Great way to finish it off, Desert; you wrapped everything up quite nicely.
7/28/2008 c14 By Design Juliet
Do the doctors really tell them that right off the bat?
7/28/2008 c15 2shellbell10
im soo happy

i cant wait for your next story =)
7/28/2008 c15 koerle
Oh... how cute!

I hoped Alex and Seth would get an happy ending... and they sure did!

Great story! I really enjoyed resing it.
7/28/2008 c14 koerle
Wow. I'm glad things ended like this. I would have been so sad if Seth would have died.

I hope the cops will arrest Alex' dad!
7/28/2008 c15 17PescaDeLaPeach
I loved this so much♥ You should totally write something else with Alex in it...or Seth...or, even better, BOTH!

*Fangirl scream*
7/28/2008 c15 2Dancer.In.The.Rain
OMG...I loved the ending im sad that the story ended but I knew it was coming cant wait for more stories
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