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7/27/2008 c3 25By Design Juliet
Ooh, tension.

And Jason is an asshole. I hope he falls in a mud puddle or something.
7/27/2008 c2 By Design Juliet
Hai again!

I kinda figured out his secret in the first chapter, but this was still a pretty good way of really revealing it.
7/27/2008 c1 By Design Juliet
Hey, Desert~

Didn't know you had a FP account.

So, onto the review; you're got a bit of a flow problem and I think a lot of your sentences could be put together, but that's just me. Also, I got a bit confused on the Cain/Marcus part. Is Cain the Boss?

To the next chapter! -charges out-
7/27/2008 c13 2shellbell10
wth wth wth wth wth wth ! im so mad right now =( seth better not die lol
7/27/2008 c13 navajo
omg i feel so special for giving you an idea...but seth cant die noo :'{
7/27/2008 c13 4pandasXrobots
oh noes! the agony! it hurts!

-stabs heart with finger- ugh.

i hope theyre okay. seth and caleb. that's so sad and messed up. ahaha! but oh... cant wait for the next!
7/27/2008 c13 koerle
Oh! Poor Seth!

He tried to fix everything but it looks like he failed miserably.

I have to say I think the actions of Alex' dad surprise me. What if Seth dies, does he really think Alex is going to do what he wants?
7/26/2008 c12 1They Call Me Soysauce
Forget the jocks! Alex's dad gets the rusty chainsaw! *revs it up* That bastard. D

(Heehee, Alex protection. :P)
7/26/2008 c12 crystal balle
I was gone for the last week, and there were seven updates when I came back! That made my day. And no! Seth can't do that. Alex's dad is a horrible person. You have to make everything better and make Alex and Seth happy. Please? D'8
7/26/2008 c12 4pandasXrobots
oh man, i love how marie invited herself into the group. but i like her, she doesnt seem in the wrong. and ahrrg... i hate alex's father. he's my all time favorite to hate. if he hurts seth or his family, i'll jump into those words and strangle him. 0_0...um..

oh yeah... puppet lady! alex's mom! great chapter. i hope seth is going to be okay.
7/26/2008 c12 navajo
oh oh ho yeah i definitely hate him now, i wonder how seth is gonna get out of this may with calebs help
7/26/2008 c12 koerle

Alex's dad went from annoying man and bad parent to a horrible person in one conversation.

I wonder if Seth doesn't have more options than to just give in. Is Alex's mom in to this action or is she oblivious to the treath her husbad gave her sons boyfriend. But then again I have to wonder if she isn't some kind of air-head. She comes across as one ;)

I hope Seth won't get in to much trouble...
7/26/2008 c12 2shellbell10
i hope alexs dad dies soon really soon lol
7/25/2008 c11 shellbell10
=O =O
7/25/2008 c11 1They Call Me Soysauce
Heehee, was that part of Seth's training? ;D Don't worry, the sexy tiem came out... wonderful. *o*
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