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7/22/2008 c8 navajo
omg sorry i didnt get to review the last chapter but for some reason my email read the update as spam and i never check my spam, but decided to be different today, lucky me. anyway loved how seth is soo protective of alex. i was so shocked when i heard both of there secrets, seth life must have sucked after that have his best friend just disappear on because of that and not try to hear him out. im so made at drake right i was hoping hed be cool with it but i guess there is still time for him to accept them. oh and i love Mr. Linnet he is so cool. :P
7/22/2008 c8 2shellbell10
wth why is his parents coming back WHATS GOING ON =O *runs around the room screaming* lol
7/22/2008 c8 goldfishparty
that was excellent! your is so awesome, i love the plot twists! i can't wait until the next chapter!:)
7/22/2008 c8 TheGreatEeyore
yay seth's mom approve! :D i can't wait to see what happens when alex's parents come back! have they come to apologise or to take alex away, the last one would really suck though. can't wait to find out! ;)
7/22/2008 c8 4pandasXrobots
duhn duhn duhn... his parents are coming. oh no. i wonder what that'll bring.

david is a jerk. but i like seth's mom too. cant wait for the next! we!
7/22/2008 c7 pandasXrobots
i loved it. cain is the best. i dot really like drake much. and i feel sorry for his mum.
7/22/2008 c8 koerle
Wow. You really update fast!

This day was kind of good for Alex an Seth, but there are a couple of loose ends that may cause future problems.

School was okay so far, but what will happen when the jocks recover from the shock?

Drake seems to be warming up to the idea, but is this going to progress... is he going to fully accept this?

And Seths mom reacted really well. What a relief this must be for both guys! But now Alex' parents are getting back. That can't be good...

Now you really made me spoiled and expecting a new chapter very soon...
7/21/2008 c7 TheGreatEeyore
another good chapter! i liked the way seth and alex told of their past. it was surprising, frank and right to the point, it threw me off for a moment, but that is why i liked it. :D it sucks that seths brother disapproves, but hey the world is far from perfect. love your story! :D
7/21/2008 c7 2shellbell10
=O omg is seth really going to live with alex =O tel mme lol
7/21/2008 c7 1They Call Me Soysauce
(Yes. Yes it was. Yum yum bl dessert. xD)

Poor boys with their troubled pasts. But at least now they have each other! Derek can't tear them apart and- Oh gosh. I just got a mental image of Alex singing, "Stop! In the name of lovee~ Before you break my heart~" instead of saying, “Stay with me.” Ahaha xD

You can make it through this boys! True love always prevails! :P
7/21/2008 c7 koerle
Wow. They both have huge secrets!

And now Seths mom has had enough :(

I hope Drake warms up more to the idea of Alex and Seth together. Even though I love the idea of them living together, I think it would be easier for Seth when his brother isn't against him. He'll have enough to deal with at school.

Great chapter!
7/21/2008 c6 4pandasXrobots
yes! finally! i cant wait for the next chapter! o, i wanna hear their pasts soo much. and about seth's dad. but man that bastard in the club did that to alex... gr... im glad seth did what he did. this was great!
7/21/2008 c6 navajo
wow as much as i love secrets i have got to know what his father did and why was seth bullied at the other school
7/20/2008 c6 koerle
Great chapter!

Do they both have secrets?

There has to be a reason why Cain is so protective of Alex.

And Seths secret is coming out in the open next chapter?

I wonder what will happen when they get back at school. Will they be strong enough together to withstand the rest?
7/20/2008 c6 1They Call Me Soysauce
Aww, thanks! I always look forward to your updates! Poor Alex... but at least he had Seth there to be his knight in shining... tuxedo. xD They're so cute!

I was about to turn off the computer and go to bed, but then I decided to check and see if you updated yet. Best. Dessert. Ever. ;]
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