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for My Heart Was Broken

1/26/2010 c1 1Love Frog
I like it. It sounds exactly how I felt after my boyfriend dumped me. Good job :)
12/22/2009 c1 4HighOnBrokenWings
"In secret I dream of a future with you."

It really makes me feel as if the whole poem was just an illusion of a dreamer, and that the focus of the poem was completely ignorant.


I feel your pain, sista.
1/30/2009 c1 15Lily Among Thorns '98
Great poem. A few misspellings, but you did say in your profile that that happens. It's pretty awesome, the feelings that it gives off.
9/25/2008 c1 8Written
this has a lot of strong emotion in it. it's so typical for a person to still love someone, even after all that they've done. keep writing :)
7/18/2008 c1 2Rizzler
Aw...I like it!
7/16/2008 c1 173Little girl Big world
wow this was really good!

i especially like the line "But still after all you did I still love you." i can definitely relate!

great job!
7/16/2008 c1 4Jinxed Orangutan
beautifully written...Loved it... You rock... do write some more...will be waiting anxiously...

And thanks for adding my story to your favourite list. meant a lot to me. love you

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