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7/17/2008 c1 2Miss Tuesday
Loved the albino bit. -snorts- And poker-straight was such a great descriptive phrase.

There was a line I had a question about: Truly, the induced fear of the Council is what most often kept newborns silent. Was it meant to be, like, some special power of theirs, or was it the fear they induced?

The white banana line cracked me up, and - 'finite hardships of time.' -is enthralled- And, of course, Firestone. Pfft. I also burst out laughing when Karl (whose names also made me laugh) called Lex 'St. Clair'.

And, then, of course, he goes all fierce!Fury and I'm just staring at the scream. Meep. Also, isn't Lucas in Monster somewhere?

I so adored your description of Lacey's scent, as well, and, on the whole, I'm quite enamored of it.

(Have you noticed you can always tell which reviews were posted by friends? Yay for in-jokes and context and badass writing.)

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