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4/19/2009 c25 Crystal
I cannot believe I found a story like this.


I spent the entire day reading this story from 1st-24th chapter, completely neglecting all my homework. Then, when I had finished, I refreshed the page and saw a new chapter. Hilarious.

The funny thing is, skimming through the reviews, I see that many of the reviewers are avid Twilight haters. I personally enjoyed the books (well, my mushy, teenage, hormonal sappy romantic mind did). And I love your parody theme, although I don't draw any comparisons between the Twilight characters and the characters with the same names in this story.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. It's not quite like any other story I read before. =)
4/19/2009 c25 helzyeah
:D gotta love it...

keep up with the quick updates! im lovin it.
4/19/2009 c25 1Rains Eclipse
Ugh, why does everyone keep interfering with their relationships!

Teh bastards! -_-"


Update soon. =)
4/19/2009 c24 wat
hey your story is awesome, i hated the twillight books,too, but i read all of them, dont know why... you got the german part in chapter 24 wrong. It´s "Willkommen in Deutschland" and "lachen heraus laut" is a bit strange but it doesen´t really matter, because for germans it´s understandable.

soo i like your story und mach weiter so ;)

liebe grüße aus deutschland
4/19/2009 c5 7CaveDwellers
I noticed it was a Twilight parody when Bella's character started showing her true colors (I became convinced when she stabbed herself with a pencil to earn Derek's love), and I absolutely love the realistic details like genetic defects and "no, I don't find psychos sexy" sort of thing. I hated the books. They could've been okay if Meyer had actually thought things through, but as it is they pretty much sucked.

God, I love this story to bits. It never fails to crack me up. Definitely going on the favorites, and the alerts once I read everything you've got so far. :D Wish I had something useful to say (like constructive criticism), but right now I think I'm too starstruck by the hilarity and 3d characters to think of anything.

'Til next,

CD 1.0
4/18/2009 c24 1Desaki Akan
Haha. Ich liebe Deutsch, aber ich spreche nicht gut-Ich hatte nur 1 Jahr in der Schule.Ich spreche mehr Japanisch... Anyways, I loved this chapter. I wish my parents would just let me randomly go to Germany! I don't like Renee at all. Just throwing that out there. “Not a chance in Hell. You’re not ugly yet.”
4/18/2009 c24 1AndWeWatchThisCityBurn
XD I have no idea what your author's note said. I've been trying to use a German translator for the entirety of this chapter, but was to lazy to actually try it on the author's note? -shakes head- How do you know German?

Now onto the actual chapter. Oh my god. That was amazing, I can't believe she took a syringe from a random chick. Blood notes. -snorts- clever. I cracked up!

Ew. Renee. Hah, she sucks. I'm guessing she has been stealing the mail? But out of the whole thing, my favorite part, or at least most memorable, must have been - “And as soon as we reached the airport, Derek jumped from the car and ran over to a wall. He has no sense, I swear, he started to smell the wall and like rub his face in it and, ugh, that was embarrassing.”

Yeah, I was laughing so hard, you gotta love Derek. XD Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/18/2009 c24 2into the black
i hate twilight; i appreciate this! i read the first one and it was eh...ok and then the others were shit so i wikipedia-d them. this is too funny. hope an update is coming soon
4/17/2009 c24 helzyeah
an accent thicker than twilight! hehe

4/17/2009 c24 Miss.Broadway
Hee hee.


Hee. Hee.

That was funny. :)

Purp in Germany was kind of like me in Paris... except I wasn't chasing down my vampiric boyfriend. Alas.

Great chapter!
4/17/2009 c24 1Rains Eclipse

What the hell did you just say? -points to A/N- o_o"

Lols, she chased him down to ask if he was cheating on her? Hehehe. xD

Update soon! D
4/17/2009 c24 6Pirate Bones
Ich kann verstehen! Ich fühle mich so glücklich, irgendwie. Hat Derek erwarten eine Antwort von seiner Frage?

Ich liebe die Geschichte. Sie könnten nur sagen: "Guten Tag". Es ist lustig.
4/17/2009 c24 Systatic
Hah. Great stuff. :D
4/15/2009 c20 3Till Tonight Do Us Part
Just to saw that is the most funny unexpected thing that i have ever read, I'm lauging while I'm typing i cant stop laughing. A pink unicorm is what they hunt and it isnt even fearsome
4/15/2009 c23 14frizzle-tastic
First off WOW! I LOVE this. Secondly I'm very proud of the fact that I have actually never read any of the Twilight books. Third they never get their kiss =[ and now Derek, Vilmer, Mary, Shane, Drew, Squalor and Doc. are gone...Why did Bella throw Violet off the roof? So many questions...Please update soon? I can NOT wait to see what happens next. Please, please, PLEASE update! I'm begging here. =] This is excelently written and I LOVEs it. So yeah, PLEASE update soon. I'm like an adict and this is my drug, I NEED my fix. =]

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