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7/22/2008 c3 Rolly Polly
If you want Twilight fans to read this. Go write in the summary: 'Inspired by Twilight'. See what happens.
7/22/2008 c3 25tornangelwings
actually this is very...interesting.

i like this its really cool i really do i cant wait for more

7/22/2008 c3 2Lady of Confusion
an honest question “’Cause dem preppy mudderfuckers piss me da fuck off" was this an attempt at a Jamaican accent? Story is good, but dont hurt yourself trying the accent...unless you are truly Jamaican.ont be offended or anything, I'm just Jamaican, and most times its pretty hilarious when someone tries to speak patois
7/21/2008 c3 jammi
Your use of Dragon Ball Z made this chapter that much more awesome. AND the fact that she used names and ish made my inner nerd shriek. [I think that's something I should probably keep to myself, but oh well, LOL, that brought back some memories AND it was all types of awesome.]

Maggot Nuggets? Really? Man is an idiot. As is Emily. And someone should inform Bella that if she's going to try and hurt herself to get saved what she should do is jump in front of a train, dudes dig codependent clingy head cases. Idiot. Though I did laugh during that scene because really? Who stabs themselves with a pencil? hahaha, and everyone is so used to it they just watch, hahahah.

Bella, hahah, her portrayal is brilliance.
7/21/2008 c2 BWeep
...and I thought Dear Imagination was wayy out of this world.

Great job with this one! Can't wait to read more =)

Just want to see a little more of Violet's inside thoughts and stuff~
7/18/2008 c2 5Peachie Miss
Rofl. Are your chapters always going to be this busy? And the pokemon cards being used as tarot...awesome. xD My cousin kind of acts like Derek, she's barked at people before...o.o But anyway! Hope you update soon!
7/18/2008 c2 4jammi
Seriously, lol, amusing as this story may be I don't think I can continue to read it because the characters are irritating me, LOL, Percy so far has the most sense. ... Yeah.

""Hail the dark lord, Xenu!”"

LMAO, most random chant ever, but brilliant.

I can't get with the main character though, lol, like even when she says something amusing I can't believe she's hanging around with someone she thinks is a cannibal who is obviously mentally disturbed and then there's her best friend, GRR, [cause I can be cute too. though i think it works when online, in real life though, not so much]

I don't know, there's just a lot of stupidity running through the story, and yeah, it's on purpose but sheesh, LOL, but brilliant touch with the pokemon cards, I want to jack that so hard, hahah, just for the randomness. Though I'd be giving you a wicked side eye if you'd busted out some of those obscure ones, lol.
7/18/2008 c1 Alice
2 chapters and this story's already got me pretty hooked. I like that all your characters are different and crazy in their own ways. But that you've kept violet reasonable sane. It's easier to read when your main character isn't running around screaming like a headless chicken...yet.

Now, Derek both scares and amuses me. Which is an interesting combination. I like it. And so far though, Bella has to be my favourite. Just for the reason that she's crude, disgustingly sycophantic but hell of a lot entertaining.

Good luck with the writing and i'll review whenever i can. Cheers.

7/18/2008 c2 2Lady of Confusion
7/18/2008 c1 Lady of Confusion
derek is just a whee bit weird ...UPDATE ASAP!
7/17/2008 c1 jammi
Too lazy to sign in, but real subtle there buddy, a clingy, needy pain in the ass female who needs a man to feel whole named Bella and a red head who, from what we can figure, drinks blood or is related to someone to drinks blood.

LOL, I can't wait to see how your reviews look after a while. Though this feels like it'll get real uncomfortable later on in the story. Her sister sounds like she'll be amusing though;

"“Thar she blows,” Emily says wisely, holding her hands over her eye like a telescope. “A whore! A landing strip!”"

7/17/2008 c1 5Peachie Miss
This is a seriously crazy beginning! Continue soon please!
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