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1/22/2012 c10 mia aurora
I love this ! and please don't compare this story to Twilight.fuck that shit.this story is more.. normal than Twilight :)
1/2/2012 c1 kiddo
correct me if im wrong but this fic seems disturbingly like fuckin twilight. its got a bitchy girl who hates eveything and has something negetive to say about ever1 close to her and the guys a cannibal... or a vampire. not so sure right now!
12/31/2011 c1 Robin
Twilight parody.


Bella is a masochist. Edward is a fruitcake.

Plot is way more creative too.

Awesome job.
12/18/2011 c1 Fifi226
This is awesomeness
8/14/2011 c10 11Naomi Chick
This story is fantastic! Everybody has a great sense of humor dealing with all the crazy mess that going down. I swear, Ms. Meyer is freakin crazy like she's a teenager herself.
8/8/2011 c8 Guest
Is anyone normal in this story beside, violet? Derek never cease to amaze with his smart mouth and disturbing comments. I don't know how violet deal with his behavior.
8/4/2011 c7 Naomi Chick
Violet crazy dream over Derek was outrage, hilarious. I've never consider her dream to be about him.
8/4/2011 c6 Naomi Chick
I was cracking a bunch of laughs when reading Derek sex pleasure schemes to ignore the crap out of Violet. Derek's a big perv!
8/4/2011 c5 Naomi Chick
This is the most brilliant twilight's parody. Love the wild characters.
8/4/2011 c4 Naomi Chick
I'm really enjoying this story. It's hilarious in so many different angles from a vampire story. Bella never seem to learn, i don't get her efforts over putting her life in danger on purpose.
8/4/2011 c3 Naomi Chick
Derek has official made the psycho-hottie award. Bella really need to get a hold of herself around boys. I like violet , she doesn't go nut over derek like others.
8/4/2011 c2 Naomi Chick
All of your characters got a funny scent of humor with craziness especially Derek. The two mix colour in violet and emily's eyes rather unique.
7/25/2011 c2 Idk
O lawd why is Pikachu evil?
7/2/2011 c3 Zaina Anastacia
I LOVE THIS! It's like Twilight, but a whole lot better. And I love how you show bella as the whiny, continuously horny bitch she really is...thank you. And I have read part of this before, and I know the mom is Esme from a series of unfortunate events. Anyways great story!


5/23/2011 c1 Guest
You.are.hilarious. I thought i was going to die from laughter. I love how original all your characters are ^^
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