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for Both Sides of Eternity

5/31/2010 c6 Lettuce.B.Frank
Okay, hi there!

I have really enjoyed this story. I hope you decide to continue it!

Okay bye!
10/10/2009 c6 1I Read Your Diary
This is such a lovely story. Both the characters are sweet and interesting. When I read the last chapter I was disappointed to find you haven't updated for a couple months. You left it at a simple cliffhanger too :(, I hope I'll be able to read the rest!

-I Read Your Diary
8/4/2009 c6 Haley Hardcore
cute chapter i like it cant wait till the next one
8/4/2009 c6 blackrule
Who! an update! hehe I am very glad that you havn't given up on this story. It's really good. I would give it a bit more attention in some places and detail in others but nonetheless it's still good. Keep writing! :D
6/23/2009 c5 blackrule
I love this story. Do you plan on finishing it?
10/8/2008 c5 1Takuya.Hikari
aww! that was soo cute!
8/16/2008 c5 Lyra Waterflame
Please write more soon?
8/16/2008 c5 Haley Hardcore
sucks he was busy all that time and yayness their both happy
8/6/2008 c4 Haley Hardcore
aw krel chapter and mucho excited bout how their love will grow
7/22/2008 c3 3JRockFan
wow I was very surprised in that last part.
7/22/2008 c3 3Just4Smiles
Good story, you have my interest. Update soon!
7/21/2008 c3 2Briana Banana
LOVE..LOVE IT! I have been inlove with everything to do with stories like your..So continue please continue it is a great story line..and your gramar is good..anyways u write and I'll review everytime..trust me I will..Update soon..Bri
7/21/2008 c3 Haley Hardcore
great 2nd and 3rd chapter and duude oh no he killed Vaslav i wonder if he will say anything and i hope their relationship grows
7/21/2008 c1 Haley Hardcore
sounds like an awesome story cant wait 2 see what happens next

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