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1/30/2014 c39 2ThePenOfAPolski
OMG! HOW THE HECK WAS IT BLAKE THE WHOLE TIME?! *rages and flips the table over* DEAR GOD!
7/3/2013 c39 Guest
I love the story as a whole, and I like what you re doing with the rewrite, especially the relationship with Bentley. I definately liked the part about the tattoo artist suggesting the blue hair, much more character. But, I think rewritten Addie is a little too angsty teen. While it totally works for her, I just don't see how this Addie could fall for Josh, the personalities seem too different.
8/3/2012 c39 The-Alpis
so what happens in the end with Blake? There are so many loose ends… Kat for example is one big one.
7/31/2012 c26 The-Alpis
(And you think they're researching more than just energy right?"

"Yes. My friend asked me if I could follow up on the lead . . . in the guise of writing a school newspaper article."

"And that's where I come in right?" Kat grinned. "You want to use my power on the paper to interview her?")

So… I think you meant Sophy, and not Kat in this particular instance?
7/1/2012 c1 3fellintothemoon
Hello there! This is Melissa from A Drop of Romeo! I'm sure you remember that Bolt from the Blue is in our Supernatural/Fantasy section, but recently we've started rewriting all the reviews! So here's you rewrite:

Melissa Thinks: One of my all time favorite stories! By day, Adaline is a sassy, blue haired, independent girl with a slight ego problem. By night she's Volt, a superhero who kicks major butt and is idolized by all in The City. One problem though. Volt is thought to be a man, and a grown up one at that. So when Addie has to suddenly move away, The City, as they are completely unaware that the situation is out of his (her) hands, is enraged and even files a lawsuit against Volt for his sudden disappearance. Addie is thrown into a small town where everything is different: the school, the crime, and the boys. As she struggles to not only choose between her next door neighbor and the mysterious new superhero, but also with her identity, mysteries leave her and the reader guessing until the very end.

If there was ever a story I would suggest to someone who wasn't fond of the Supernatural category, this would be it. You don't really come across well written superhero stories that often, so this is a definite treat! Addie is strong, yet deeply flawed, which makes her a realistic character. It was interesting to watch her develop throughout the story. Although sometimes she was downright annoying. I often thought that maybe everyone liked her a little TOO much regardless of her negative personality. The characters are unique, each with his/her own story and traits; even the minor ones! Addie and Flyboy (Holy flying monkeys, he's so British! I can't.) are so cute together! Flyboy's devotion to her, despite her boyfriend (hello, love triangle) is so romantic and heartwarming. The amazing details and hilarious sarcastic humor will keep you immersed in this world from the first chapter and onwards.
6/13/2012 c27 Ky
Okay it's just a guess but I think it is Blake?
6/11/2012 c25 Ky
Alright I have been guessing since the beginning was it josh or Kevin but I honk I figured it out!
4/15/2012 c10 Pallawia
"But you also have a responsibility. With great power, comes—" Far too cliché for my liking.

This bothered me. Why should she sacrifice her social life for people she doesn't even know? If that responsibility quote was true, then by that logic all rich people should give their money to those who don't have it. It'a a fail in logic and I'm glad Adaline didn't let him finish it.
4/15/2012 c3 Pallawia
I love Bentley. He's amazing and hilarious, and also a true friend.

Oooh, enter Flyboy. Soo this hick town does have a superhero after all.
4/11/2012 c1 Pallawia
I'm re-reading this story, this time with the intent to finish it. I dunno why I hadn't finished it two years ago, because it's amazing.

First, I'd like to point out that your grammar is surprisingly good, just like your sentences and descriptions. I dunnot mean "surorisingly" as an insult - it's quite the opposite, actually. It's hard to find a good story these days, and yours is fabulous. I thank yyou for that.

I really like your writing style. Adeline is a convincing teenager, well-written and believable. Most people write teens as if they were some hundred-year old Joda wismen. I like it that Adaline is quirky, funny, witty... I can feel for her and that's very important to the readers.

The plot is good too. I'd prsonally like to see a movie made out of this, because I'm sure it'd e awesome (and also, there'd be amazing special effects).

I just wish that in the future Adaline uses her pwoers for more fun, like pranking and such. This is not a critique, just a personal wish of mine that I will have yet to see if it came true.

I like the way Adaline thinks and expresses her thoughts. She reminds me a bit of me (although I'd never dye my hair bright blue or get a piercing).

"Maybe I'd dye my hair this grass color green next."

Haha, this line was very funny. I like her sense of humor.

I think Adaline was a bit rude to that lady that came to introduce herself. She should've been a tiny bit mor epolite. But doesn't mean I like her less. She's flawed, like all of us are. And I like flawed characters.

I like the relationship Adaline has with her parentss. In most fiction (TV and books), children are treated as slaves to their parents. I like it that Adaline is her own person, not following anyone's rules.
6/24/2011 c37 1Candescence
I really liked this story. It's so refreshing. This is my first super heroine/hero story i've read here on fp. Bolt from the Blue is so original. Characters are round and dynamic; each of them have their own separate personalities. And like you said, the cheating thing between both of them isn't goin so well for me. I hope you keep updating the sequel. You probably have a long way to go with it, considering how long this story is. At first, i thought this story would drag, with the number of chapters and words, but it didn't and that's a great accomplishment. This story should have way more reviews than it has. It deserves it. Good job with this story. Can't wait to read the sequel when you complete it ;)
12/28/2010 c38 1Kimberlli
Hi! I just got your reply to my review and I've got say that I'm not mad at you for not updating in so long, but I am anxious to see what happens next in A Lasting Storm AND in Shattered Dreams.

I really liked this version of Bolt from the Blue, but I'msure the rewrite will be just as good or better. I'd love to see it once it's done.

Honestly I've seen you review in Plagiarism Haven a couple of times so when I saw you as an author in FP I decided to read your stuff starting from the One-Shots, I read a couple and I have to say they're awesome (specially Palm Pilot, that one was cute, oh and Little Miss Star? Too Funny.) and then started to read Bolt from the blue and it was great. I actually visit your FP profile every other day to see if there has been an update to Shattered Dreams or A Lasting Storm. Heh.
12/6/2010 c34 araha chicken

First I thought it was Josh. Because, well, they're SUPPOSED to be together.

Then... one chapter said he wasn't.

Then I thought it was Kevin, since he was "part" of the team, and he didn't get sick during practice. And now, he's... arrested.

Then Blake comes up, he HAS a Cheerleader to save. And... His father died 7 years ago.

... But he's not a football player... or is he?

I'm so confused.

You make a great bloody mystery.
11/27/2010 c37 witeaya
i absolutely adore this story.

it was intriguingly interesting. love the 'superheroes' theme.

the unique and fun plots are the strongest point in the story(the mystery in finding who is flyboy was one fun journey!it kept me on my toes the whole time.)followed by interesting characters with great character developments.

and pls make blake squirm a lot in the sequel.

i too despise cheaters.
10/2/2010 c37 Kimberlli
First I'd like to tell you I LOVED THE STORY AND WILL BE MOVING ON TO THE SEQUEL AS SOON AS I FINISH WRITING THIS REVIEW. I would've reviewed every chapter but, FictionPress hates me and I have to go through a bunch of safety pop ups and stuff to get one frigging revied done so, I thought you wouldn't mind if I just left one.

I must say I suspected Blake at the beggining but, then Kevin started being a better suspect, especially because of the fact of the Shakespeare thing and Kevin's mom being an English teacher, it does fit. But, I'm sort of glad it was Blake.

I am indeed mad that both of them (Adaline sort of but not really) cheated on their boy/girlfriend. I really don't like cheats but, I think that if Blake does make up for all thgat in the next book I'll be OK :D

Kelsey once said her step brother played soccer, Flyboy said he was on the football team. The only country in the whole world that calls football soccer is the United States, so yes, he is a member of the football team.

- Kimberlli
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