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for A Black Cat's Path

2/9 c1 penny
I'm just revisiting this link for the sake of nostalgia. I have to say, this story was my first taste of written romance that had me so enthralled. I probably read it at the end of middle school (ratings be damned LOL). I just remember loving it so much. Now I'm in college, and I have a serious addiction to dark romance or anything involving an immortal being paired with a kind mortal woman. So safe to say this story left its mark! I will always remember A Black Cat's Path as my first source of fictional romance, and it was so so sweet. Thank you for sharing your work on a little corner of the internet, I just want you to know that there are still people out there who remember it! If you ever decide to publish the story or repost, trust that I'll be one of the readers. If not, whatever floats your boat! Take care!
1/22/2022 c1 Guest
Can you post a link of the re-write in the LJ community? I can't find it.
8/22/2021 c1 Non
No update? Then could you reupload the old fic?
9/18/2019 c1 Guest
Why? Why did you delete it? Plz re-upload it again!
3/30/2019 c1 Gloomy

I read your story before and I was hoping to read it again even if it is still incomplete.
I hope you are still working on it or writing another story because this one was really great :)
3/6/2019 c1 nyurla
oh no! i finally re-find this story and it's taken down! OTL i hope you're doing well. gosh, my account shows i favorited this story in 2009! wow i feel old rn. LOL.

is there any update info on how the re-write is coming along? i am also interested in reading more original fiction from you! ; w ;
1/1/2019 c1 3Skyelia
I was SO keen on re-reading this but then I saw that it is in the process of being re-written. Hope that an update will be out soon
8/7/2018 c1 Guest
Still no update?
7/31/2018 c1 Ereslee
Fuck man this is an old favorite that I wanted to revisit. I don’t mean to pressure you with this review, I just want you to know I’m rooting for you and hope you still have the intent to continue rewriting this. Will be watching for updates!
3/13/2018 c1 Acie
Need. Story. Please.
3/10/2018 c1 JEN
Best Wishes
3/10/2018 c1 JEN
Please come back soon.
3/10/2018 c1 JEN
It's been too long. Sighs
3/1/2018 c1 Guest
please, i can't wait to reread this
2/27/2018 c1 Guest
Come baaaack
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