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for A Black Cat's Path

11/10/2016 c52 Acie
Author, of you don't come back to finish this sorry I will personally come and murder you :)

Your devoted reader/murderer
10/9/2016 c52 Guest
Cool! Is there another chapter for this story?
6/27/2016 c24 Q
Hi! Loving this story. You are a brilliant writer! One thing I'm noticing in this chapter is how much you use italics. It becomes too much, distorting her speech patterns unnaturally. She sounds far too emphatic about everything to the point of redundancy. I found it easier (and lighter on the ears, I suppose) to ignore some of the emphasis and carry on with the story.

Easy fix, certainly. I hope you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism. Again, well done with the story!
1/31/2016 c10 Guest
omgggg he's so creepy rn
8/8/2015 c52 Guest
Cool! Is there another chapter for this story?
7/15/2015 c52 Lusi
Please hun, you've gotta finish this one. Despite what you think, it's brilliant in my eyes. No ones minds little flaws here and there (which, to be honest, I haven't noticed). I'm hanging on your every word right now. Rest assured even if you decide to finish it now, you'll have readers. I'm loving this story, and I'll love it even more if you finish. Thank you for all the time and energy you've put into this. Wish I was here while you were actively posting this to cheer you on, but I can do it now.
5/17/2015 c52 Guest
Seriously when are you going to update? Plz finish the story!
4/26/2015 c1 Mrs Black
Please update,this is a very good story!I would like to see what happens next
4/11/2015 c52 3Beautifully Musical
This is an amazing story, but try to set yourself a goal: i.e. "Before the end of the month, I will upload at least one chapter."
I'm afraid that if you don't update soon, people might start losing interest or flame you.
Your idea for this story is amazing, but also be careful with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Please update as fast as you can!
3/17/2015 c52 6Dark-Automaton
Wow, this is pretty good. I wonder how this is going to end.
2/26/2015 c52 Guest
Love this story, please update!
12/1/2014 c52 patty
Where is the rest of this story
10/6/2014 c52 shanagi95
whoa. It's dark, complicated, and just what I want in a story! Really, I've searched so far for a fiction/story where the heroine can pay back some of the hell they(she) have gone through to their tormentor (and also possible romantic interest). But when I thought she will begin to torture him soon (which obviously wouldn't be as bad when he did it since she is more soft-hearted), you stopped and haven't continued this story so far!

What I really want to see is how the table has turned around. With Cassandra able to read Ersades' mind and no more blackmail from the evil sorcerer, how will this affect their relationship?

So, please, will you update this great story soon because I cannot wait to read what happen to Ersades and how Cassandra will cope with her newfound power X3 And if you cannot write this anymore, at least a notice of your hiatus and/or how this story plot will continue? Please?
8/2/2014 c52 Night Kunoichi
Holy shit. I just plowed through your story and now it's 5am! This was truly wonderful! Very engaging and I enjoyed the twists and turns of this story very much! I can't wait to read more when you are able to update it!
6/23/2014 c52 1Mrs-Doitsu
Is this done? I really can't tell, but I am clawing at my computer in utter need to know how this ends! Does she just leave Ersades? Poor guy... All most. In a way, he does deserve the outcome, but in a twisted sort of selfish way, I feel bad for him. (I have a soft spot for more darker/insane character's including my own)

Anyway, maybe I could give some constructive criticism? I know how valuable it is, being an amateur writer myself. This just might be my own writing style, but I found in certain chapters, more detail could have engaged the reader more. I like to paint a picture in my head of exactly what's going on, how characters move, look, speak within the story. Again, it could just be me, but that could make this story even more enjoyable!

Keep up the astonishing work! (I believe in you! •)
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