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for Worst day

6/22/2001 c1 65Maria Gv
OH! That's terrible...sort of like something everyone goes through in their live every now and then. I had something like that, only the guy wasn't my friend(best friend or nothing) ^_^ But that's in the past...be glad it wasn't something worst like if your best friend was a girl and she was dating the guy you liked! That would be killer as well! Hmmm..I guess others can relate to that as well! ^_^ Love is a topic tragic or not everyone can relate. Great poem!
6/5/2001 c1 DjLethal's Rogue Slayer
oh sh?t I feel so sorry for you..I sorta can relate to this poem thankfully the pain goes away and you can move on with your life..the poem was beautiful!
4/19/2001 c1 Ethereal xxxxx
i experienced the same thing (except the girl was my other best friend) so I can relate. Nicely done.
4/16/2001 c1 sevenofnine26
Hi. Thanks for your kinds words of my poem My Net Friend. I have loaded another poem also onto fanfic.net. I was impressed with your poem The Worst Day. It was sad but captured the feelings well and has closure at the end of the poem. Keep Writing!

4/16/2001 c1 erica
i liked ur poem very much, but i think that u should tell that guy how much u care about him. the same thing happened to me, but i never told the guy how much i cared and now i regret it. dont make the same mistake 95% of the world makes.
4/16/2001 c1 16silversilence
it doesnt suck! this makes me sad but hopefully you'll get someone who is right for you whether its that guy or not
4/15/2001 c1 Lily
Powerful poem. It kicks major arse (Dunno if I could say the actual word.. Umm.. oh well.) Well, keep writing girl! I give it.. two thumbs up for emotionally filled.

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