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7/27/2008 c3 daysend
So someone has taken up residence inside her dreams? Is he a real person or someone she has created because of her lonely life? My guess as to how the story will go is one of these. Either Damien will show up one day at school or she is going to spend more and more time asleep. Judging by the second one would be her escaping from reality and this story is not marked as angst I am going to go with my earlier idea. There is also the very good chance that I am completely wrong but I will just have to wait for more chapters to find out. Hope to see them soon.
7/24/2008 c2 RealisticFantasy
Oh wow...I really like your story. I like how you made it so in her dreams she always looks different. I can't wait to find out who the person in her dream is!
7/24/2008 c2 daysend
The story is interesting. While I have read these first two chapter I don't feel like anything has really happened in the story. We got a lot of back story but there hasn't been something to really "pull" our interest in. I do however really like your main character and the English teacher reminds me of a girl I know. Hope to see more soon.

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