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for Vengeance None the Sweeter

11/6/2010 c1 1Midnight113
Awesome work, I really enjoyed it!
10/1/2009 c1 6SunsetRainbow
Cute =D
OMG! Okay, so I finally re-read this, and all I have to say is...Wow. I'm shocked, stunned, speechless - basically, over the moon for your writing. I think the other day when I read this was an off-kilter one for me...scratch that, it HAD to have been, if I couldn't properly appreciate such fantastic writing and plot-planning.

You have to write more, you know that?

It's strange to try and connect you to this; I guess because I end up connecting the person you are to the person Samantha is. Lol, don't freak out. I'm not actually IMAGINING you as her. ;D

Hope you're having a great spring break!

(Lol, don't worry, I know that was a pretty crappy review as far as summarizing positives and negatives goes. I kind of have to split now cos my brother can be such a creeper (in a good way) when it comes to playing checkers with him. I'll be back! ;DD)

PS I LOVE THE DIALOGUE AND THE CHEMISTRY AND AUGH SO GOOD! The only thing that gets to me, I guess, is that I'm not into original fiction cos - wtf this review thingy is going apeshit on me. I'll just finish this later...
2/12/2009 c1 Liz
lol i was just reading this over again and lol somehow, it's so hard to connect you w/ this- like how come you never use the word "hoo-ha" around me? that is such an awesome word. i guess the reason why you don't use that word around me is probably cause our conversation would be like

you: "blah blah blah hoo ha"



so yeah.

lol but besides that, this is really well written. good pacing, in the climax really. you even made the pauses between the "no"s reflect the actual situation. like not having a subject before breathing in deeply and yeah. i think i sound really confusing right now.

Walking closer to her, Riley looked into her eyes and straight into her heart, deeper than anyone else and she felt it beyond her bones. “You’re scared of me?”

Breathing in deeply, “No.”

“Of us?”

Taking her a little bit longer, she replied, “No…”

With both of his hands rising up to her face, cupping it gently, he slowly lowered his mouth to hers and asked once more, “Of this?
10/10/2008 c1 Jeezy
Are you gonna update Shades? Please say yes cause I love it, and I really wish I could read the next chapter! I promise you the longest review you've ever gotten (and I mean this seriously) if you update soon.
8/14/2008 c1 8somuchformyhappyending
hey. I liked it. A lot. Great job!
8/7/2008 c1 Elle l'embrassa
I like it, although it may be a little rushed because we don't know any of these characters. I guess this is a one shot deal? I don't know, it's pretty good. I think you've done a pretty good job. The language may be a little unnecessary, but the details are vivid. You done a pretty good job.
8/5/2008 c1 2Angela Loves
Wow, if I were like a movie producer, I would want to make your story into a movie. Don't worry about the curse words, it makes the story more realistic, because in the real world, it isn't pretty. Or maybe that's just Queens? lol
8/5/2008 c1 musicnoteXOXO
I love your writing style. It definitely hooked my attention.
7/30/2008 c1 Chris Paris
...woah... that was unbelievably good. It rings true, something thats not all fluff, but has a good base, with realistic qualities that people do show, especially during the college years. I don't know if it counts if I say that, since I'm still thirteen and not even in highschool yet. but still, that was amazing. I think the best that I've in fiction press so far. Nice. =]-Chris Paris
7/27/2008 c1 5Camelia Sinensis
Good. I really liked it.
7/27/2008 c1 xLittleBlackConverse
Oh My God. I loved it. The strangest thing was the conversation between Riley and Samantha was so similar to a conversation I had with my last ex. Samantha and I were so alike at that point. Haha anyway, brilliant work! I love how you write.
7/26/2008 c1 x3life
aw how cute =)

and i like the happy ending
7/26/2008 c1 2Sapheneia
is there gonna be more?
7/26/2008 c1 5Fayre Meira
whoa..a sequel would be good!
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