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for Pretend Friendship

1/14/2009 c1 1irunwithvampires3
Nice, it was relatable.
7/29/2008 c1 173Little girl Big world
i can really relate i just wrote a poem on a similar topic its called "is this a friend?". but anyways i really like this. its written well and very sad. good job!
7/25/2008 c1 5YellowShootingStar
This is such a sad poem, but greatly written. I hope everything's okay for you.I loved this poem. And also, you're a Twilight fan too! wooho! go Twilight!
7/25/2008 c1 50In the Rye
hahahaha. i don't know you but who HASN'T talked about someone behind their back? really, now. it was painfully simple, and left nothing up to the imagination.
7/25/2008 c1 10Koki Enwai
That was sad, but very beautifully written. And so true, sometimes. . .

Really well done. I love it.

- Koki

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