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4/24/2009 c1 136Elliptical Shapes
Ello Felicia, how is thou?

Was this supposed to be a mockery? It came across as if you were wholly intending to just take the piss. It reads like something i'd expect to see a film noir made out of starring Will Ferrell and Tom Green.

I haven't read anything of yours for a while, so I have no idea what you were going for here, but it has no atmosphere to it. Thing is, i'm sure you're aware of that, so why draw out this skeleton of dialogue? Are you planning to fatten it out later to make it easier to read?

Any way nice to see you're still at it, i've been lazy lately and that last pile of junk I put up is an abomination, wasn't at all pleased with it.

Laters Baxter.
3/21/2009 c1 6Durandel
Well, I would say 'I'm Back!" but I'm not too sure if I want to jinx myself again, so I'll just be dropping off a review.

I gotta say, this is a pretty fun story, funny, happy, and kind of relaxing. I like the main character, he seems fun and upbeat, as opposed to many of the moody chracters I've read about nowadays, a perfect foil to all of them. Your first person has a lot of emotion, it actually feels like hes talking to me, which made it even better.

Any CC... nothing major, just for sound effects you should write in a way that it doesn't look like he's actually saying the word, mabye put a * around the words or something.

Overall, a very fun read, great job.

Keep Writing!

1/13/2009 c1 Delta736
This is brilliant! Love you're first person style...some stories are boring when in first person and i don't usualy enjoy reading them, but this one is so cool! Made me laugh loads as well.

God job!
12/15/2008 c1 57empathic life
... I completely and totally ADORE this story. Like... Seriously. I do. You should write more on it, please, because I think John Dyer is one of the most adorable characters ever.

Yep. That's all. So yeah. I love you.

Yours, Alex
8/10/2008 c1 8SympleSymon
I must admit, I LOL'd at the first line - if only because it mirrors my fanfiction story "Metal Gear Shopping"! Heh...

And John Dyer - another awesome spy name, like James Bond. Hmm, if I were to have a spy/action-hero, his name would be - Jack Hammer! No question about it! XD

Very swet narration throughout the entire chappie! I liked the humour running through every line - so funneh!

Can't wait to see more!

7/29/2008 c1 829Anaare
I do believe this is the first time I've read (and reviewed) one of your stories. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first, but I'm glad I read it. Quite the humorous touch! Some absurd situations and conversations, which make a wonderful coherent and amusing tale. I enjoyed reading it and I look forward to a following chapter!

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