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1/2/2014 c17 2cbprice25
Whoa! You're back! It was fairly surprising to open my inbox this morning and see a notification that you'd added a chapter. Of course, I had to re-read it (can't read a new chapter cold, now can we?), and now I'm just re-reading a few of your other stories too.

It's been a while, but these characters are like family. No matter how long it's been, there's always room for them. Hope to see more of 'em!
1/1/2014 c17 TheImpossibleGirl93
This has been fantastic, and I'm glad to see that you're alive. lol ;)
Can't wait for more!
1/1/2014 c17 1Pretend Jane
Wow! I was surprised to see not only did you update this story, but you also added a new story. It's nice to see for 2014! I just remember I use to spend way too much time reading all your stories as well as some others on this website, and I haven't been on here in Sooo long. I thought for sure everyone abandoned this website after the whole plagiarism scandals.

Anyway, I definitely thought about your stories from time to time over the years and wondered how some of them would end. Since Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground were always mentioned in your stories, his death made me think of them too.

Great to see you writing again! I definitely feel like I need to reread some stories, including this one, to remember story lines and people. I first gravitated to rereading Unsatisfied. That was always a top favorite for me along with The Latest Attraction.

For this one, I remember vaguely what happened, but not everything. So I have to reread this one too to fully appreciate the new chapter.
6/10/2013 c16 brinalovesyouxx
Please continue soon! :D xx
3/18/2010 c16 kdamu
I really liked The Latest Attraction - I completely fell in love with Stella and Armando. But what I didn't expect was to get hooked onto this story too. Please update! I love your characters. Each and every one of them.
3/6/2010 c16 scuzzylolipop
please update i love this story

i need more julian and mercedes
1/16/2010 c16 killer chipmunk
So is Mercedes ex gonna make a total mess of things?... Is there going to be a fight? Fights can be very interesting

winks suggestively...
12/25/2009 c12 1Jinxed Rogue
I read "The Latest Attraction" a while ago and it took me 12 chapters to really register that these were the same characters! *facepalms*
11/29/2009 c16 8Allyse
This is great! I haven't read anything on here for a while but alerts for this story kept appearing in my inbox. I finally gave into my curiosity because I always loved Blake in The Latest Attraction... and I wasn't disappointed! I love how you write and its great to meet new characters but still catch up with old favourites (I was so pleased when Stella and Armando popped up!) I wasn't sure I was going to like Izzy at first but as the celebrity image falls away (with Blake's help!), I'm liking her more and more. Still not quite sure about Lars yet... but I love Mercedes! She's so funny and crazy. All in all, I'm really pleased I gave this story a chance and I'm looking forward to reading more!
11/26/2009 c16 2Dorkified and Lovely
11/26/2009 c16 peace etc
again awesome chapter. can we please bring your characters to life... particularly julian, blake, armando... okay too many.

I wish the characters were my friends. wow, I sound lame. but, I love how they just chill and jam together.

Whenever you update, I always reread the story from the beginning. although, with all my school work not the smartest idea. damn finals.

I love the reemergence of all the old characters. It's so nice to know they're all alright.

Are you finished with back to life? it was so cute that loren and dylan announced the baby in this story.

I'm very curious about lex and julian's relationship! but, I imagine will get more insight on that in the julian/mercedes story. will you do another story with lex? or will you just add to the one-shot up?

anyway. awesome chapter. can't wait for more!
11/26/2009 c16 5G0bSmackt
I thorougly, thoroughly enjoy this story! I really, really do. It contains the perfect mix of drama and angst and smut and humour. It's perfect! In fact, I enjoy all your stories and how easily interconnected they are with each other. It's always like we're reading about old friends.

I hope you update soon!
11/26/2009 c16 2Lady of Confusion
11/26/2009 c16 2cbprice25
I friggin love this story.
11/26/2009 c16 NV12
yay!so cute...loved it and i love julian!haha
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