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11/25/2009 c16 1Pretend Jane
I thought this chapter was pretty fun. It definitely made me laugh. I finally know what Isabelle was getting up to while Mercedes was having all her drama.

I love when Blake and Stella bicker. Armando’s so use to it he’s like whatever. lol.

Blake amuses me. I think he goes into more detail about what he and Isabelle gets up to, yet Stella or Armando can’t mention the smallest thing without him getting weirded. I like how Armando completely disregards the fact he’s sharing these details with Stella’s brother. He’s just talking to his best friend Blake and pouting about the lack of lingerie. lol. Armando’s personality is so fun! He’ll never stop being single minded about lingerie shopping will he?

I liked how Stella and Isabelle spent time together hanging out. I don’t think even Alexis got Stella to go shopping. It was fun seeing Stella go girly for a second. Since we know Stella loves her comfortable clothes, I really want to see when she’s going to wear her new clothes. Maybe the open mic night?

I’m mostly looking forward to Armando’s reaction. I want her to succeed in getting him to go on the tour. (You know I’m excited about all the possibilities!) Armando’s already worried about the guys in Isabelle’s band liking Stella. If he sees Stella looking like a knock out and all these boys paying attention to her, he is not going to want them moving in on his territory.

I still love my Stella and Armando. I saw flashes of Stella’s insecurities and Armando’s. Even though they’ve been together for a while, they’re still insecure about losing each other. They both get a little jealous if some other girl or guy trying to move in on their territory. One day they’ll see they don’t need to worry about anyone interfering with their relationship. Those two are so in to each other, been friends for years, they’ll probably end up married.

It also amused me that Blake and Armando got jealous about the girls’ observations about Julian. Okay guys, Julian isn’t Stella’s brother, of course she is going to notice. Blake and Armando are similar, they don’t like when their girls are focusing on other guys—even if it’s a friend.

It seems like Armando and Isabelle are becoming friends as well as Stella and Isabelle. I think that’s great. If Isabelle can’t fit in with the trio, I think in a way that could be an issue with her and Blake.

I was thinking you have a lot of close knit friendships in your stories, but they’re all different types of friendships. The most obvious ones are Stella, Armando, and Blake. Isabelle, Mercedes, and Lars. Julian, Cooper, and Neil. Of course they all have other good friends too, but whenever I think of the close knit friendships I think of these three groups of friends because they grew up together and probably know each other better than anyone else knows them. Like how Blake and Julian are good friends, but Blake didn’t even know Lex was Julian’s sister. It’s only the friends they grew up with that knows their deep dark secrets. This is just something I was thinking about recently.

You probably have a lot more of these types of friendships that I can’t think of right now. I’m currently rereading Kat’s story right now. I started thinking of who her close friends were. I think it’s mostly Rayne, but she’s really close to Cody too since she told him basically everything.

Anyway, enough about the friendships. Julian’s reaction was funny to see…or read. lol. It’s amazing how fast his mood changed when he found out it was all a joke.

I’m really looking forward to the open mic now. There’s many things to look forward to. I want to know if Stella is going to model her clothes for Armando. I want to know what the vibe will be like between Cooper and Lex. I want to know how Lex is going to react to Julian and Mercedes. I want to know if Julian and Mercedes can resist making out one more time, even if Lex is there. lol. I want to see whatever Isabelle and Blake get up to. I also want to see if Lars lives up to the hype. Will he make the night fun? I hope he does, since he is tripping on Russell so hard, you can never tell.

Speaking of Lars. I remember hating him so hardcore. He’s growing on me a lot. When he isn’t slutting around, he’s a cool guy. lol. I like how protective he is of Isabelle and Mercedes. It’s nice to see him really like a girl too. I hope things work out with him and Zoey.

Oh and I definitely want to see more fun Loren. We didn’t really get to see much of that because he and Dylan dealt with so many heavy issues. Maybe once those two have their kid they’ll chill out and be more content?

And you have a new idea for James’ sister? I’m curious what that is, but I know you already have tons in the works. I like how everyone is connected to each other in your stories. There are so many great people in Philly and New York and it just seems like a small world. I still wonder how you come up with so many different characters.

Speaking of another James…

I was almost done typing this, but then something popped into my head. I’ve been watching James Franco on General Hospital recently. He’s guest starring for some odd reason. Anyway, for some reason, I thought James Franco’s vibe and maybe his looks reminded me of how I picture Julian. Do you think James Franco would be a good Julian? The character James is playing on GH definitely has the sexy voice. Either way, I think James Franco is a hottie.
10/24/2009 c15 Pretend Jane
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. The fun they had at that party was almost like being there. I definitely can picture bands hanging out together, playing guitar and singing.

After reading about Julian and Mercedes. I hope you write their story stat! So much fun reading about them and how they were singing together. I was surprised that Mercedes was a singer too. I guess I was impressed liked Julian, but I'm thinking she had a different effect on Julian lol. I'm surprised they had a talk about Lex already. I guess we'll have to wait till Mercedes story to find out more about that. I had a feeling Julian and Mercedes were a lot alike. They both got that fight instinct. I hope Stella and Mercedes don't ever fight, because I would hate to pick sides.

And Stella's crazy self made me laugh. I can't believe she hit Alexis. I was remembering how they use to be friends. Break ups are so messy. I was thinking how different Stella seems to me. I think it's because in this story we don't get to see her insecurites like we did in the latest attraction, so she seems more confident, still oblivious though, and still says the first thing that comes out of her mouth. lol. I also think she's happy with Armando and more comfortable with herself.

Oh yeah, what is the story with David? I'm trying to remember if I should know him or if he's a new character. I don't get why this guy would start a fight with Lars, Julian, Stella, and Armando-all the while coming to Julian's party! lol. Seriously this guy had a death wish or something. Who messes with someone's circle of friends at their party?

Blake and Isabelle were pretty cute this chapter. It was almost if the fight didn't happen. Does seem like Blake has some feelings for Alexis still. I hope he gets over that.

You know I was thinking to myself how you always come up with these cool couples that are so different from each other. Do you ever base them off real people you know or it's just all imagination?

By the way, who do you think is your favorite couple you have written about? The options are: Kat and Nick, Sophia and Rayne, Cassie and Preston, Rae Ann and Landon, Dylan and Loren, Stella and Armando, Isabelle and Blake...and I guess we can add Mercedes and Julian in there-though they are brand new.

If you asked me this question I'd probably give you a three or four way tie. I can't say, they all rock.
10/24/2009 c15 2Lady of Confusion
update asap!
10/24/2009 c15 u wouldjustbe AWESO without ME
whoa too many characters. i have no idea wat happened in this chapter. im so confused
10/24/2009 c15 peace etc
I love all your stories. this one is awesome. I hope you do another spinoff with julian and mercedes. I really love all the characters you've created. keep up the good work.
10/21/2009 c14 jenniesmith
yeah! love the chapter!


10/20/2009 c14 Joshikousei
ah! so glad that you finally updated.

the relationship between isabelle and blake is so unhealthily distraught right now... they seriously have some issues to work out. good fodder for future chapters, i hope. =)
10/20/2009 c14 NV12
i was scared for a moment when they were fighting... im glad they ok..for now. A tad short but better than nothing. thanks :)
10/19/2009 c14 1Pretend Jane
I'm so happy to see an update! It's great to see after an insanely busy week, something that makes me happy. Their fight kind of reminded me of the trials and tribulations of Dylan and Loren. lol. But with a Isabelle and Blake flair to it.

I was surprised they slept together. But not as surprised as I was when Blake freaked out. I always thought Blake seemed so chill around girls, but jeez Isabelle gets a reaction out of him. At first, I thought he was way overreacting. I guess he made up for it later. I liked how he didn't let his anger rule him. He didn't let her walk home alone. But his reaction showed us he really cares for Isabelle, so I don't want her to stomp on his heart. I want Blake to just prove Karl wrong and prove to Isabelle her doubts about him aren't true. And vice versa.

Pretty interesting how they said all this crazy stuff to each other and made up not too long after. lol. I think that proves they were just venting and didn't really mean what they said to each other.

It was good for them to get that stuff out in the open anyway. Because I was thinking, "How can two people with trust issues date?" Usually it's the trusting person who gets the non trusting person to trust. Since these two both have trust issues, I'm thinking the only way they might over come them is to have these type of fights. lol. It's a way to communicate until they get to know each other better.

Oh and I still want to know the deal with Mercedes' ex. I wish we had seen more of her in this chap, but maybe next time...hopefully.

Oh I just remembered, they're going to Julian's party at 4 am! I hope it's interesting.
10/19/2009 c14 u wouldjustbe AWESO without ME
damn. a lot of things happen at 4 am when im sleeping. lol! update soon!
10/10/2009 c13 2Lady of Confusion
8/31/2009 c13 euroweasley
Just caught up, and I think this is a great story! An interesting take on the life of a band and being famous. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/29/2009 c13 BlakJaq
update! i read this entire story in one day and i thought it was complete, it isn't so you need to update.
8/29/2009 c13 NV12
ah they finally going to be alone.. ooh and now i see the connection with lex!cant wait for the next 1
8/29/2009 c13 2cbprice25
Aw, hell yes! I absolutely love the many cross-over characters making appearances here. It makes the world so vibrant and I'm even more curious about Dylan and Loren's story now, not to mention Lex's.

You have been spoiling us with your frequent updates, and I love it!
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