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8/28/2009 c13 1Pretend Jane
Wow, I love this brand of drama! So many things made me laugh, and I doubt I'll be able to touch on everyone of them without making this review ridicuously long.

So many crazy things happened, now I have to figure out where to start. Lets start with the bet, because that was so funny how everyone watched them like they were a spectator sport! The play by play was hilarious. Neil was right, there is never a dull moment. (BTW I'm glad my memory was wrong about Julian and Stella hooking up. I remember Neil in the other story now. That would have been a little weird considering Mercedes and Stella were getting along.)

I should have known that the friend Anthony was with that night was Julian. And the fact that Mercedes mentioned him should have told me that she liked him! I definitely knew she liked him though when she ran scared when she saw him again.

Kind of funny too when Mercedes said she thought Julian seemed like trouble because he's around fights. I guess she didn't realize she was talking about her potential match. If they get together, they probably will each have to pull each other from fights.

The best part: I was not expecting Mercedes to kiss Julian at all. I loved that surprise. I can't wait for Mercedes to hear Julian sing...that should be interesting. I also can't wait to see how she'll try to resist him and be loyal to Lex.

Speaking of Lex, I felt bad for her. I can't believe Julian's own band members didn't even know he had a sister. This makes me wonder how long Blake and Stella have known Julian, because they would have to be estranged for many years. Whatever Lex did must have been big. I'm thinking if Julian is this pissed he probably tore up that letter Lex sent him. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Blake and Julian were talking. Too cute how Isabelle kept wanting to go over to Blake during the concert by the way.

Oh and that Whitney girl, she some how left an impression me. I kind of wonder if she'll be trouble in the future. She seemed very clueless. Sister and girlfriend are not interchangeable. I hope she doesn't get wind that Blake and Isabelle have something going on. Especially since she seems to like Blake and Lars. Jealous girls have been the downfall of many.

It seems like Isabelle and Blake are finally going to get some alone time together, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if Stella interrupted again. lol.

You know what, after seeing how much fun everyone has when they hang out together, I can't wait till Igby opens for Isabelle! There will be Isabelle and Blake and potential Mercedes and Julian drama. I love the possibilities!
8/27/2009 c12 Pretend Jane
I can see so many possibilities after reading this chapter! I'm never usually right, but I always have some theory. lol. First off, I think Mercedes should one day have her own spin off fic! I love her, and the fact that she didn't realize that not everyone is experienced in fighting is funny. I like how she doesn't let some guy try to run game on her and gets him back. She is spunky like Kat. Those two girls need to meet stat!

I don't know if I'm remembering this right, but didn't Anthony hook up with Stella? I remember Stella hooking up with Julian and another friend and Armando wanted to know why she was hooking up with people in their circle of friends. I wonder what is Anthony's problem. It's not good to hit on your band member's girl. This could lead to a Serendipity break up, especially if they all think he's an A$$. I still think Armando, Stella, and Blake need to do a side project together.

I'm wondering who is going to be the guy Mercedes gets fixed up with... Does Julian have a girlfriend? He keeps popping up in this fic. I think it would be interesting if Mercedes was fixed up with him and then she gets into the middle of Lex and Julian's issues. I'm eagerly waiting to see if Julian and Lex run into each other.

Oh and Venus in Furs? Funny name for a band. I guess if they suck, they wouldn't have a good name. lol. I wonder why the lead singer is mean to Stella. I also wonder which one of them Lex had the thing with. We need to know this nameless guy's name.

You know I just realized I spent less time talking about Isabelle and Blake. I love them, but there are just so many interesting side stories going on. I can't help but be distracted! But I'm liking the person Isabelle is around Blake's friends. She's feeling normal, so I kind of see her as normal too- instead of the big star with the big persona. I liked how Isabelle was proven wrong when Loren didn't ask her to play. She needs to realize not everyone wants something from her and to just have fun. I think the more she hangs around Blake the more she'll loosen up.
8/24/2009 c11 3Madz95
I like Lars and I think he should find someone good for him, and I lurve Blake. :) lol. UR ANA AAMAZING AUTHOR AND I LOVE this one and ur other ones. :) KEp writing!
8/24/2009 c11 NV12
loove it!cant wait for the next 1... i really enjoy it when blake and iz are alone together
8/23/2009 c11 1Pretend Jane
I liked this chapter. I especially liked how long it was! It had some funny one liners in it. It was pretty funny when Blake surprised her in the record store and caught her listening to his band. I also thought it was ironic that Isabelle called Blake cocky. I think she can be just as cocky- "I'm Isabelle Reid..."

The cockiness is probably why they'd be perfect for each other. Blake knows he can get any girl and he's cocky about it. Isabelle knows she can get the guys too, but she mostly seems to be all pretend about it. Blake knows she's putting on the usual performance yet he still seems to get jealous. I don't think Blake is use to being jealous. lol.

It was funny how oblivious Stella struck again. I laughed when Hart had to drag her into their room. I'm guessing Dylan is going to announce the pregnancy... I'm looking forward to everyone hanging out together. I wonder if Mercedes is going to bring Lex or if Julian is going to be there. I always think there is some potential for drama in your stories. Every character has a interesting back story that can make them clash or unite with someone.

Oh yeah, I liked the back story on Isabelle too. It seems like her and Blake have more in common than I orignally thought.
8/23/2009 c10 Pretend Jane
You must be on a roll today. I get on the computer after a crazy day and find two chaps! Nice!

Anyways, last night I reread the Lex story because the last time I read it was a long time ago. In the story Lex mentioned that she had a friend who was ignoring her. The friend was way too obsessed with her boyfriend and Lex didn't have anyone to talk to. Since I noticed you like linking your stories together. I was guessing that maybe Lex was talking about Mercedes and she was obssessing over Russell-who turned out to be Mr. Wrong...just the latest theory of mine. lol.

From this chapter I am wondering what these three girls are going to get up to in Philly, since Mercedes is trouble. I'm also curious if Lex knows Blake- because of the Julian connection. Then again they're estranged. Hope one day we find out their story too. Off to read chapter 11...
8/23/2009 c10 2Dorkified and Lovely
SQUE ^.^
8/23/2009 c9 naadz
ive missed this!yay!
8/22/2009 c9 1Pretend Jane
That was a fun introduction of a new character. Maybe Mercedes is inspiring you. I think Mercedes is going to fit right on in with everyone. Perhaps Isabelle was as fun as her sister before her managers and wardrobe people got a hold of her. I also like the mystery surrounding Mercedes so far. It sounds like she has a psychotic ex that is after her. It must be a really bad situation if Lars is being really protective.

Two observations: Lex and Serendipity. Is this the same Lex from your other story? I wonder what her drama is...And Serendipity. The fact that Isabelle is wearing a blazer with that pin on it and she doesn't even know who the band is pretty funny. Because isn't that Armando's band? lol. If Armando asks her if she likes his music, she won't know what he's talking about unless Mercedes saves her. I get the feeling Mercedes will help her sister and help her loosen up. She already seems like a fun chick. Plus she already got Isabelle not to stick to whatever people say and not wear the skirt.
8/22/2009 c9 7platinum angel
great story, I can't wait to read future posts. thanks.
8/19/2009 c8 2Dorkified and Lovely
brilliant. I'm stoked (yes, I just said stoked) to find out what happens NEXT. :)
8/19/2009 c8 2cbprice25
God, I love this story. I can tell that Isabelle still has a lot to go through in re: to finding herself, etc., but I can't wait to read more about it.

And I can't wait for her to tell Karl to go fuck himself.
8/19/2009 c8 1Pretend Jane
Isabelle seems to be a lot more fun when she is drunk, this also seems to be when she gets herself in the most trouble. I love it! lol.

Isabelle may be upset at this moment, but I think this was the best thing that could have happened to her. I think she'll be much happier without her fake image and having to pretend she and Lars are together. The only reason I think she feels so bad is because she has people like Karl in her ear telling her honesty is wrong.

Karl is delusional. The public has more respect for musicians who are real and not PR or manager creations. I think this is why some people last longer in the music busness and why teeny boy bands fade off after a couple of years because of their fake images. I hope Isabelle realizes it's better to be herself and not be called a poser. I just wonder how she'll dig herself out of this hole of lies.

Had fun reading the two chaps, hope to see you around here soon!
8/19/2009 c7 Pretend Jane
Hey, I see you're back in action! Fun chapter. I was surprised to see that Blake and Armando were calmly letting Stella play strip poker. Now I know it's because Blake is a shark. lol. At first I was like, "What are they thinking? Pervy Lars is in the room!"

I'm glad Blake and Isabelle's alone time couldn't exactly happen. Blake was drunk, she was drunk earlier, this whole wedding thing, this guy lying about her...This girl has so much drama going on it's not even funny. I'm off to read chapter 8.
8/19/2009 c8 Cloudy Glass
Arg, her managers make me angry. I'm telling you, she needs to drop them like there's no tomorrow. Isabelle is more than her managers and she needs to get managers who she can depend on for help and freedom.
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