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for Isabelle Reid's Train Wreck

8/1/2008 c2 ellabella
Awesome start, I hope you keep going with it. :)
7/31/2008 c2 Carly
well I'm hooked! I think this a lot and can't wait for more! I like that this kind of shows what happens after a band makes it big.
7/30/2008 c2 1Pretend Jane
Good chapter. It made me once again wonder what the heck is going on. I guess this is a mystery to me, because I still can't figure out why Isabelle lives her life this way. I'm just surprised by the lack of power she has in her life. I wonder what the success level of her band is like if she can't even fire her own slutty assistant or a stylist who wants her to be anorexic.

Jeez, and how can Blake be friends with Lars of all people? That makes absolutely no sense to me. Maybe they go way back or something? Well they may be friends now, but I can't see them staying friends much longer with Lars horrible behavior. And I doubt Blake is going to like it if Lars tries to be sleazy and flirt with Stella.

Well I can't wait to see more of Isabelle's personality, I'm just patiently waiting for her to one day get rid of all these people that are bringing her down.
7/29/2008 c2 11tini5585
Wow, it's amazing how nonchalant she can be in dealing with Lars. Is that really her, or just the persona? I'm enjoying this story so far. :)
7/27/2008 c1 1Pretend Jane
Hey, I recognized that fight scene! lol. It was good to read about the action instead of simply hearing about it in your other story. I'm glad you posted your new story! I like it so far. It sounds like you might be writing about the price of fame or the dark side to being in a band. That's cool because all the other bands were only on their way to being famous so I can't wait to read your take on what's it's like for a band to already be at that stage.

I like how perceptive Blake is. I can tell he's going to have to see through all of Isabelle's crap and her contrived life. I hope Isabelle gets a backbone soon or I won't think she's worthy enough for Blake. lol. I thought it was weird her assistant was trying to tell her what to do. She needs to get rid of Cameron and I hope she kicks Lars out of the band. Lars sounds worst than Danielle, Rayne's psycho ex. I hated Danielle out of all your characters but I think Lars might have taken her place. At this point I can't see how Isabelle could have ever been with someone so crazy. He's like abusive. I don't think that'll be good for the band, but I'm curious about what other crazy things he's going to do. So please update soon! I'm really excited about this story, I can't wait to see what happens when Blake goes on tour with them!
7/27/2008 c1 2cbprice25
Oh, I'm so stoked to be reading this! She did appear to be an intriguing character.

Looking forward to more!
7/27/2008 c1 11tini5585
Wow, Lars is a jerk. You've got me hooked. Looking forward to your next update! :)
7/27/2008 c1 Sara
I was so happy to see the first chapter of Blake's story. I just wanted to let you know that I love your New York and Philadelphia series. I was extremely excited when I saw that you had returned. Thanks for giving me something great to read.
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