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8/3/2011 c1 1petite.tomate
I read this a while ago while I was waiting for an update on The Folly of a Monster Love, but I never got around to writing a review. (Still trying to wrap my mind around your latest chapter, by the way.) I do like these vignettes. They are thought-evoking - some more than others - and while it's not the same as a long, drawn-out story, sometimes I find that short pieces leave an equally (and in some cases, more) lasting imprint in the reader's mind. I like how you spaced out the vignettes, interspersing humor with the more serious ones. Emotional turmoil is well and good (hello, Follies!) but here, it's nice to have a change of pace and relax a little bit. Kind of like sitting in a shaded hammock after a long day in the sun.
12/21/2009 c1 3Hughe Jass
I read this way back in the day. I'll have to read it again before I can review proper!
3/18/2009 c1 Poshdom
Right now I'm reading your monster love story and so far what I really enjoy in your writing, after reading these shorts, is how down to earth and preceptive it is. It's straightforward and therefore needs no explanation. A good quality. Your eyes and brain get tired of that pompous writing that makes you try to guess what the hell the author is trying to say to make their story sound so mysterious but fake. Your plot is there, no hidden corners, and instead of wasting time trying to decipher an often empty meaning I can enjoy the story for what it is. Thanks for writing.
10/30/2008 c3 11buzzgirl37
Don't entirely understand the chapter title...but okay.

I'm not to sure what I think about the first one, I don't dislike it but at the same time I can't say I'm overly keen on it. I think it's because I'm a little tired though and most of it just went over my head.

The second one, I liked a lot. Though it's slightly worrying and I question how anyone can get into the mind set of a car :) I do want to ask though, who is the person taht wraps the cars round a post? The roomate? I was quite sure it was but I can't be entirely sure.

The third I liked due to the girls thinking pattern and her conscience. I liked the fact that she went back and gave them an extra dollar. It's something that some people do so it was nice to see it there.

I hope there are some more of these to come, as I enjoy reading them, even if I don't always understand them :)
9/16/2008 c1 buzzgirl37
I read these a while ago but forgot to comment...

They were great, really well written.

I definately liked the second one the most...any chance that could end up as the basis of a story, I'd love to read more of it.

I liked the last one too it was soo sweet
9/9/2008 c2 Brimo
this almost made me cry. the first story anyway, the second was really cute. the whole dying on her birthday thing. My grandma died on my cousins birthday, and reading it made me think of that...anyway nice storys:)
9/9/2008 c1 Brimo
I like this. It has a lot of depth without being bogged down with too much detail and explination. I don't know if that came out sounding write, its like the showing vs. telling thing I guess is what I'm trying to say. I especially like the paragraph near the bottom telling about what true love is, its a nice way to look at it:)

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