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11/8/2010 c4 31Vee11
chpt 3 was nice. don't understand chpt 4...
4/5/2009 c1 6Kalista Jia
Hahahahaha, I find it funny and cute.

"Dad you're dead," our son said with a laugh.

"Oh my Darn!"

My parents dont forget about their anniversay. But my dad is just not the romantic type either.

LOL "Would you like me to sign it."
8/2/2008 c1 19S. M. Saves
I feel so bad for that woman. She gave him three children and he barely acknowledges her. I especially liked the kid's line at the end.
7/31/2008 c1 3Kali Gaia
It's good. Funny, but kinda sad. Sounds like my man to some extent, but at the same time, I know he'd at least look up, or chase after me. lol.

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