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for My Black Thong

5/11/2014 c16 1Cassidy Grey
This is one of the few good stories I have found on this site. Congragulations for writing a good story! You really need to update.
6/29/2009 c16 just another one
i glad you finally put up another chapter it was really good and im sad to hear there are only 10 more left but i really look forward to them.
6/29/2009 c16 MidnightRythm1990
LMAO This is so awesome love it. Hate Mary tho.

What's the deal with Abigal? Her mom not carae about her?
6/29/2009 c1 just another one
i think the beginning of the story was kind of choatic but i really like why you made it like that...

its a great story you should finish it.
6/20/2009 c13 Dahlie
i love it.

dont worry, i comment your story later, with much more things written, but i kind of have no time right now.

just needed you to know that i love your story
6/19/2009 c13 MidnightRythm1990
Oh yay! I get to be in the A/N! I'm so hapy ^_^

Ugh i don't like his dad... he's weird. Annd what the hell does he mean : "I don’t want him to get ideas, I’ve got him where I want him. You see, we’re going to switch spots forever" mostly the last part about switching places... like in jail?
6/11/2009 c12 MidnightRythm1990
awesome chapter. llove love love it! great job i can't wait for more.

I thought she already knew he was with Mary? i thought... i is confused.

Her dad creeps me out like whoah. i think he should ya know "disappear"

Idea:Derik could save Liz from Mary (since she so hates her right now and wants to get Derik to herself and thinks that she can once Liz is outta the picture) and Liz's Dad. and in the same time find out who really murdered Krista which could again be Mary since she has this gunhoe obsession with Derik which could stem from herr so-called sheltered childhood.

just an idea... lol

~~AuroraLightrays aka MidnightRythm aka Jessica signing off!
5/20/2009 c11 MidnightRythm1990
Love it! Liz is awesome! And Der
5/13/2009 c10 MidnightRythm1990
love your story like omg~
5/13/2009 c1 MidnightRythm1990
This sounds so awesome! please continue!
8/30/2008 c9 1Trench Coats Suck
it felt reAlly rushed this chapter and ended up being confusing add more detail and don't let her just accept things so easily who tells someone that stuff so quickly I mean who does that there is some great writing in this chapter you just need to fix it up you know. Anyway other news I'd love you to check out my story and give me your thoughts
8/29/2008 c9 Ciaobellla
Arg! you always leave such evil cliffies! hehehehe ;)

update son please!
8/27/2008 c8 Trench Coats Suck
this story is getting better your not rushing it as much great chapter
8/23/2008 c8 Ciaobellla
oh em gee!

you have to update soon! you are such a meanie. you keep

on dropping cliffhangers! hahahahhahaah. just kidding.

at leaste you are keeping my interested ;)

8/21/2008 c7 Trench Coats Suck
Never kissed really, but this was a great pace, a really great pace I'm so proud
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