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12/10/2009 c1 1moonlitmidnight
AAH! I loved it! I was so pissed that she was drinking herself into oblivion because of Trace, and I was going to punch something if she ended up with him... but she ended up with ADAM! YAY! I'm so happy right now!
11/1/2009 c5 5christinaxxyo
I loved how you made a story with all different points of views. It was really addicting to read and I couldn't wait to find out more and more about each character as the story progressed. I like how each story turned out and if you ever continued or elaborate on any of them, I would read them in a heartbeat :)
9/19/2009 c5 1nanakathleen
Very cute =]

Rachel is ridiculously indecisive xD

But yeah, great finish.

Good luck on your other stories =]
9/19/2009 c4 nanakathleen
This is just getting sadder and sadder. Karina can't die! That's just... harsh.

She needs to live, so Chris and Maori can work things out, and Karina and Angel can go off with themeselves =D
9/19/2009 c3 nanakathleen
This part's really sad .

No. Poor Maori =/

Good chapter, though. Nicely done.
9/19/2009 c2 nanakathleen
Very nice.

My only advice is that exclamation marks are tricky, and it makes things look more amateur than they should, even with such good material. So maybe lay off exclamations, because periods work just as well, and it's very possible to get the same point across with descriptive words and verbs.

Good story =]
9/19/2009 c1 nanakathleen
Haha. I loved it.

Really good story, though I got confused with two aspects:

One- Who exactly was the love interest, Adam, or Trace. But obviously at the end it made sense there was some confusion.

Two- Maybe you could make a better transition from present to flashback?

Otherwise, great story.
8/15/2008 c5 becks
Excellent stories. They were well written and definitely kept my attention. Loved them. =)
8/10/2008 c5 Katy
Ehehehe that one was my favorite! *does happy dance*

I seriously can't wait for more stories about these ladies, hooray! :D
8/10/2008 c2 Katy
Ahh love in the dairy section...XD
8/6/2008 c5 3hanahan
Fantastico but I have a question, is the story like every chapter is one of the girls Point of view?
8/5/2008 c5 28woodstock1969
Aw, that was so cute! All these stories were wonderful, and I really liked how you tied up all the loose ends in this chapter by mentioning what was going on with the other four girls (and, most importantly, that Karina lived). Anyway, great job!
8/5/2008 c4 woodstock1969
Oh my gosh, I'm actually crying right now. That's so sad! Have you ever seen Les Miserables? This is just like Marius and Eponine, though in that case, the friend who is secretly in love is the one dying rather than the one who's taken. Sorry for the tangent. Moving on...
8/5/2008 c3 woodstock1969
Wow, drama! I felt that, with regards to what you said at the very end, Maori's decision to go it alone rather than cause her best friend pain was incredibly noble.
8/5/2008 c2 woodstock1969
Aw. It's so cute that he left his job so he could be with her! After all, if he hadn't, it would have been mad sketchy, haha.
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