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7/22/2010 c36 4melodicmusings
It was a wonderful read. I can't express in words how much I adored the twist at the beginning (Alex as the singer of Little Less Obvious). The characters were well-developed, and I appreciated the steady pace (I'm glad they got together in the end, rather than in the middle, where the aftermaths of dating can become tedious). The epilogue was sweet, though I wished things with Kevin had ended differently (or at least with more of an explanation). The death of Keri's father and Alex's brother lent a very realistic feel to the story, making the characters a little less than perfect and a little more 3D. The story was entertaining enough that I read it all in one sitting (into the wee hours of the morning). Thank you for the hard work! :D
7/22/2010 c36 Da-zGreen
This story I would have to say, is the BEST! You went from telling how they hate each other to them getting married. I love it! This is awesome. You don't know how I read this in one day. My mom is looking at me like I'm weird or something. I really love this story. Alex is so freaking charming and cliche. And Keri is so mean and not wanting to give in. I like it! You did a FANTASTIC job. Hope to read more from you!
7/20/2010 c5 reader
i really love this story, its cute. i just have one qualm. you've described alex as short, skinny enough to fit into keri's clothes, out of shape enough to hate walking/easily get beat up, and have power ranger sheets. if this is the kind of guy keri goes for, then fine. but it just doesn't seem like the description of a character all of the girls in school would be oogling/fighting over.

just something to think about!

but i do love this, keep up the good work!
7/10/2010 c1 XxRazzlesxX
love the characters, scenes everything and the development of the story was great...words were so eloquently put together..something i can't even do. =p it was simply amazing! ;) girl you got talent and you should be proud..i really hope you're working on some more ..I'm looking forward to it.
7/3/2010 c36 2Abrasive
I'd be lying if I said I didn't adore this. In particular your characterisation and development should be commended - the changes in both Alex and Keri were skillfully done. Furthermore, your writing was eloquent and accessible.

My only problem is simply this: Someone with your literary ability shouldn't be limited to writing something as cliche as this story. Although I liked the story immensely, elements of it were undeniably overdone. And while it might have been an unusually well written version of a cliche, I would have been more impressed with something a little less mainstream. Maybe next time.
7/2/2010 c32 Abrasive
Just a note on Rochelle's blood type:

Despite being the rarest blood type, AB is known as the Universal Recipient; it can receive donations from ANY blood type.

Sorry for being a pedant. :/
6/24/2010 c35 HyperFreakOut
Did you write all the lyrics to the songs? Cause they were pretty amazing. :D
6/24/2010 c36 HyperFreakOut
The story was amazing! It was very real and definitely believable and the characters were in themselves pretty freaking awesome. I was left with this big, goofy smile on my face when I finished it. ^_^ Great story :D
6/24/2010 c36 Rilan Morr
That was... amazing. I love this story so much. You did so well, and your writing is so good. Gahh! LOL! Well, yeah. Good job. This was awesome (:
6/20/2010 c36 5I Murder on Impulse


6/17/2010 c36 2Kayluh00
Awhile after it was was published:

Hahaha, I love you story beyond what I thought I could. It was so original and you always had me reading for more. (I read it in one sitting) It was written beautifully and the lyrics! Did you write those? If you did that takes talent. :D Even though I don't know you I feel so proud for you that you wrote this story and I am very glad I got to read it.
6/16/2010 c36 1danni-loves-too-reid
I LOVE IT ! best story ever. i was soo excited while reading i never wanted to review =Pp yu did AWESOME!
6/7/2010 c18 sgwx
"Keri laughed as Alex swiftly reached down and picked his sister up with ease, carrying her onto the couch and dumping her onto the fabric like last month's garbage."

Loved this line and your wording. Loved the whole "buying him a fridge" bit too XD
6/7/2010 c15 sgwx
You've probably heard this one many times by now... but you're a fantastic writer! There are some moments when I get confused about sudden scene changes (most authors tend to add in a large break of space or some division indication like "*"), but it's nothing that takes away from the story.

I can definitely say that your development of Alex and Keri's relationship is perfect... and I -love- how they don't fall immediately in love with each other, or start getting tingles and mushy feelings from the get-go.

Thanks for these delightful chapters! Now excuse me while I plow on :D
6/7/2010 c5 AsianPearl101
Ok so that was adorable!

I figured a few things out: Alex is the singer in Little Les Obvious; He DID write "little love" for Keri; and ... they should get married! hahaha but I love it! It's suck a good story

Great job-onto the next chapter!
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