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for The answers in your heart

12/22/2011 c1 Permanently Absent
I have been going through different poems and my plan wasn't to comment however with yours I had felt the need to.

First of all, I really like your name and I'm not joking as I have always liked names that are different. It is a good name and for you think of it with a positive meaning. As you have a gift with bringing out the emotions of others. Thank you for sharing what you did about yourself, as it is good to know. By the way some of it was funny, yes that is a compliment.

Now the reason why I am commenting, your poem. It is very good, I was set on just reading it and yes it had brought tears to my eyes. I don't know you however from this the only one that I have read of yours, to me you have a gift. Your gift is true and cannot be denied. By the way I only say/type what I mean, nothing more.

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