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10/24/2020 c3 dipintheriverstyx
9/19/2012 c3 A.C
Care to update any soon or should I just go Vesper on you? :) Seeing as it's been a few years since this chapter was uploaded, I would love to read more. Soon. Very soon. Keep it going, your an awesome writer, but do try to finish the story, would you? Cause I'm dying over her to figure out what's coming next.
/ A.C
10/18/2010 c3 4Finding-Forever
You should probably know that I have to give a speech at uni in roughly 8 hours. A speech that I have yet to finish. That I stayed up SPECIFICALLY to finish (it's 4am where I live). Instead, I re-read these (I can't remember if I actually reviewed last time...if I didn't, I promise it's not because I'm a douche, it's just because I'm lazy and figured you were going awesome anyway, so didn't need the encouragement) in the hopes that it had been secretly updated and fictionpress had just email-failed. I re-read these every day for like 6 months last year. But I had to spend half an hour trying to find this story, because I couldn't remember the title or the exact names of your characters (not that it mattered, seeing as you didn't have their names in the summary anyway). I spent half an hour scouring the internet for some random named "Esper". 'V's are easy letters to forget, apparently? Anyway. My point is. Your writing is amazing enough for me to waste important time on. Amazing enough for me to waste time FINDING. If you don't update these stories, I am PROBABLY going to die. No, really. Vesper/Caden withdrawal is a serious condition. Do you really want my death on your hands? No? Then you should probably update this :D and soon :D

(P.S. that comment about me dying may or may not have been a joke. If it actually offended you, feel free to hunt me down and kill me, cause let's face it, with this Vesper/Esper and Caden withdrawal I only have a few months left anyway :D)
7/29/2010 c3 Emmy131
Come back miss! I admit I check this story quite often, just in case you've come back to it :) And now I've just read the whole thing over again and I need more! So I'll make you a deal. You allow us to have the mighty pleasure of reading your wonderfulness and I shall give you 3.1 online s'mores. How can you say no to that kind of offer?
12/1/2009 c3 Soila
Okay...I must say I am a bit mad at you right now, twenty-o-eight? Eight! I shall warn you, this review is going to be long, I've got comments from the whole story, including How High. It’s about a thousand words, I couldn’t help myself. I'm an obsessive little idiot. Anyway, the limit is 10 0 characters, I don't think I'm the only one ever writing a long review. If you don’t want to read it this first paragraph is probably enough. Haha, yeah, I could've written this yesterday, but I was too tired, you kept me up half the night! ..and if you stop now I (and oh so many others) won't get to see any Vesper/Caden or what's going on with the gang. :(

The start is absolutely amazing. I'm thinking you must've thought about how to start many times, 'cause it came out perfectly. It's just the way I want it, it doesn't start off boring with ”Beep-beep..." and the whole up-from-bed start, that sucks. Even in the prologue you show Vesper's personality quite well, she doesn't have any second thoughts, and she does everything the way she wants it. In this prologue I got the impression that Vesper was some kind of hero with superpowers, and it was so funny to find out that that wasn’t the case. Relief. :)

God, I laughed so many times while reading this story! You won’t believe it. Just the famous scowl or when someone presses their lip together I have to snicker. About Vesper and her car, that is absolutely genius. Using it as a metaphor later on, ey! The one thing she has is a car. It’s the only thing you really can imagine, I think it’s very well done of you to make all the characters up before starting the story, and so thoroughly! It makes it more fun for me to guess what happens, but you haven’t made it too easy to guess. If you make it too obvious you really won’t go far, which I think you already know. I’m the one coming with unnecessary information. ;) All the way from the beginning I started liking Caden, he’s just plain awesome!

When I read that Vesper is a mind reader, I was a little sad, why would you ruin this wonderful story with stupid thoughts? I don’t like a story which only has thought sputtered all over it, no fun. I think the thoughts should be kept to themselves, that way it’s much more fun to see what’s inside of one’s head when you decide to write it, which you completely nailed! I was so happy when I realized that you didn’t give the mind reading a thought, and when it appeared it was just plain awesome, especially when Caden lost his mind. Great! You have got to keep on to that, I love hearing his thoughts, just not too often. Haha, and all the times he’s sticking up for Vesper, or just being plainly mad, I love him a bit more. Go you!

First meeting with Pace was interesting. That was laughter all the way! The way you wrote their expressions, and how you made up the conversation I can’t understand, because that was just plain genius. At first I didn’t like Pace, because he seemed like that stupid self-centered type, but when he was caring..an entirely different thing. I really like the way you make (almost) every character serious at times, mostly Caden, and when you did Pace it was so nice..you even made Leila sort of deep.

Uhm… this is getting long.. good luck. ;) That thing with not putting the plot „out there” until the very last minute was brilliant. It kept me reading. The whole plot with the god, and when Vesper said there was a god in the picture I honestly thought she’d turned religious. Caden’s reaction to her being gone…so sweet. Can’t she just get over the phase with ignoring him and start being nice? Even in the second part I didn’t get to see any niceness against Caden even though it was spoken of. Vesper can be a bit nicer when with Caden, and she can be as mad as she wants at the rest of the world, if you ask me.

That little outbreak Vesper had, with Caden in the park, it was needed and you got the angst part too. You just keep amazing me. The only thing I can say that’s bad about your writing must be some commas and that you use some of the same sentences over and over, like „(I don’t remember it correctly) the day Pace would get it in his stupid mind that she …” something, I’m sorry, my memory is not perfect, but it really doesn’t matter, ‘cause it’s great anyway. :D

The sequel...please write more! Why would you stop now? Just don’t make another Eros, that would be no fun, which I think you already know. You probably have some wicked plan about an even more wicked god which has this wicked plan of… I could go on and on.. I’m looking forward to Vesper and Caden being actual friends, I hope Vesper will be forced to tell him about that phone call, and I’d really like something from his „point of view” since you’re writing it all in third person..

Now I’ve written... a lot! Last I’d like to say: For en fabelaktig forfatter du er, jeg håper virkelig at du får publisert „Dø (alle andre gjør det)” hvis du fortsatt tenker på å publisere den, det har vært en stund.. Får å være ærlig så kommer jeg til å følge med på denne historien, vente på at du skriver et nytt innlegg. Du er dritflink, kjempetalentfull og jeg gleder meg til å kjøpe boka di! I just had to write something in Norwegian it’s so much easier to express yourself in your own language, and I saw you were over the tops for a French compliment, well, now you’ve been complimented in Norwegian! Hahaha. ;D Use google translator. :) Now I’ll go to your homepage and see if you’ve laid anything of this out there. Vær så snill å ha gjort det.. and again, I’m sorry for the trouble of a way too long review, I did warn you. ^^ Please, don't be mad.
10/17/2009 c3 Iris101
I know its been a while but are you going to continue this story?
10/4/2009 c3 laughing moon
i think this is my favorite chapter in the story so far and congrats on your story how high i really liked it. I didnt expect for Caden to want her to get away, in fact i thought he would have held Ander so Vesper could throw a few punches. was i great turn in the story that i didnt expect. but now i am couriouse about what they were talking about. i think i might die if i never find out... ok that was a bit of an exageration, but you get what i mean. if could you please (picture girl down on her knees) please, please, in the future have it hinted at or talked about so my strong sense of couriousity my be fafilled. but thatnks for the great stroies i really do enjoy them! p.s. sorry for any mistakes in spelling it has never been one of my strong points.
7/8/2009 c1 debatablywonderful
Hey! Just wondering, you haven't given up on this series have you? Despite my lack of reviews, I really think this is an wicked story and I would be really upset to hear that you weren't going to be continuing it. I'm just asking 'cause it's been a wee while since you last updated. Plus, you've left it at a critical moment! Lol. :)
3/17/2009 c3 1readaholicxxx
oh i wonder what they were talking about
2/4/2009 c3 1S.L. Gunn
would it sound pushy if i begged, yet again, for you to continue?

argh, the suspense is just going to kill me.
2/4/2009 c1 S.L. Gunn
as usual, i love it.

but one small thing...in How High, i'm nearly positive that i remember reading that Slaid's first name was Donovan...not Dominic..

please, correct me if i'm wrong..otherwise, just letting you know.


2/4/2009 c2 S.L. Gunn
ah, i'm so in love with reading this :)

i see you haven't updated since september..

and i think i will take this time to drop to my knees and beg you shamelessly...please, please, please, please...


12/5/2008 c3 deletingbcfictiondidn'thelp
Okau, this would be SO easier if I just read your stories and never reviewed but luckily for author's I get unexplainably guilty if I don't review so here:

I read how high and found it AWESOME. I loved it especially Caden and Vesper's relationship :D

So, imagine how utterly delighted I was to see a sequel! I'm loving it so far and nearly squealed, SQUEALED I tell you, and the last chappie's ending. There's something so very aweing about seeing a normally calm or nice character lash out *grins maniacally* Can't wait for the nexr chapter!


When I heard Vesper call Caden Cadey I could just SEE Slaid braising his eyebrow with his infamously famous 'Do I even WANT to know?' comment :D Update soon, okay?
10/21/2008 c3 helloworld109
Hehe violent Caden. And he hasn't even killed a Naga yet! The excitement builds. You'd better update soon and save me from my midterm exam depression. :-)

Ooh, I love being inspirational! *humbly accepts reviewer of the day award* Haha. And now I really want to see Pace kick the crap out of Caden. Excellent. But Pace hearing Vesper call Caden "Cadey"... That might be even more entertaining. Haha nicknames! Now we just need some for Ander. Somehow, I think he might decapitate anyone who tries to call him Andy. Muahaha.

P.S. My story alert thing isn't working. Sorry for reviewing so late, but my account apparently isn't obsessed with your stories as I am. Silly online accounts.
10/20/2008 c3 1A.V.Mackie
Bah! I missed this update among all of my FP update alerts, sillyness!

Aw but I love Vesper's mind, she's just so damned violent it keeps making me laugh, she's that close *does the thumb and forefinger thingy* to being a sociopath.

I also love Slaid's effect on her, he scares her so much, yet he never does anything violent towards her. Oh oh oh, and Caden right there at the end commanding her? So very interesting.
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