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for One Year Stand

6/25/2009 c5 1S.L. Gunn
ah, they had their night. :)

now i can't wait for the rest of them!

6/25/2009 c3 S.L. Gunn
ahh, i love guys with a perverted sense of humor..

as long as they're sexy and, you know, not 52.


love the plotline so far.
6/25/2009 c1 S.L. Gunn
oh, this was very amusing and catchy.

can't wait to read the rest.

6/25/2009 c1 bianca
love the profile pic! towel animals from a cruise, classic.
6/24/2009 c21 3Chocolate is Yummy
Hey, Thanks for writing this. i LOVED this story. The writing and the humour was great. ^.^
6/20/2009 c21 K i m m e h

Great story here!

read it out in one sitting.

you may want to add the 'Complete' status, because mostly I don't read unfinished stories, but I was bored so I read this, and I was so happy to see it actually WAS finished. So maybe you'll have more readers with the complete status? :3 i know alot of people who decide not to read an unfinished story because they are too lazy to wait for the next chapters :p

I absolutely loved the characters, maybe it went a little too fast but I loved it nonetheless.

Keep on writing!

6/19/2009 c21 x3life
aw, i love this story!

it was so cute =)
6/19/2009 c1 2HoPELeSS.RoMaNTiiC
May i just say...you did an awesome job wit this novel.!.

the characters are so vividly described i can picture them and Jess reminds me of me LOL hahahahaa.!.

fantastic job.!.
6/17/2009 c21 lala
Aww this was so cute! Your story had to be one of the best I've ever read! There were a few chapters where I almost cried too, but I still loved reading it!
6/16/2009 c21 MarloCarlo10
Ahh man great chapter!

And great story overall!

I really enjoyed this story :)
6/14/2009 c21 daling
shweet shniguns betol la

haha sorry had to write in my language a little.

that was sweet. full of fluff but sweet

easy writing huh? o well xD
6/14/2009 c21 14Not Dead Fred
In two hours i have read all twenty-one chapters of this story. I think it is well-paced and well-written. You have balanced the silliness of her personality with the seriousness of his professional life.

6/13/2009 c21 1AlphaBeatKayGee
Its been a while but its finally over. This has been an amazing story! I loved everything including the things that took me by surprise. Please write an epilogue though! =)
6/13/2009 c21 monkyy109
omg i was so exicted ;] ;];];] yup i liked the ending funny how they see mbipolar like oh im sad i cant be with you then all of a sudden OH no that proposal was weak ;] anyways that was awaesome ;] ;];] ;];] i think its fine the way it is...but im not the author so whatever floats your boat ;] [water floats mine]
6/13/2009 c21 2CrossMyHeart
FINALLY! i love Kevin, but... you know, if they still don't work out... I CALL DIBS!
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