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12/15/2008 c1 Rose Elizabeth
So beautiful, like everything I've read that you've written.

Your writing always reads like poetry and everything flows so well.

I'm not going to write a proper review however, it is a prospect which seems just a little daunting on a website for writers...one feels one's review should be as good as the pieces one is reviewing!

Keep writing and good luck.
9/9/2008 c1 16Long Island Iced Tea
You're so lucky your teacher gives you such cool topics to write about! I mean, I'd love to be in your class. In our school, we're still stuck with topics like what you'd do if you were made prime minister for a day and twelve-year-old stuff.

I rather like the voice you've given Aurelia... it has a very distinct ring to it, she doesn't sound exactly young, but not too old either. Just like someone who's been through a lot and is tired of it but knows she has to keep on going. Am I correct? She's a lady or something right? The embroidery-and-harp-playing type?

Footfalls, she knows, can be read like the face of an old friend.

I don't know why, but I liked that line. It's very concise but it conveys so much. Interesting relationship she and he have... I'm very curious. Did he kill Fletch? Was he somehow related to both Fletch and Aurelia? Or did he conquer their country?

The Palace of Opportunity, as it is sometimes known, is held together as much by the insanity of its royal denizens as the magic and mortar it is imbued with. After all, madness had always made her presence known to members of the royal family, regardless of whatever beginnings they might possess.

This sounds really, really fascinating. You really ought to continue.

Both are left alone, with silence ringing deafeningly in their ears.

Brilliant way to end. But this isn't the end, right? Well at least I hope not. This story has so much potential!

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