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8/3/2012 c1 BlAcKMaCgICWoMeN
i dont get this your character point of view changes tom much as well as location where are they how many days has passed since the initial phone call
1/8/2012 c1 7Dandy352
It's really good! :))
12/9/2011 c1 wasabi-angel
Time to run around in a circle and scream happily! :P Loved your oneshot! I think my favourite part was "Oh I'm sorry. He's a little old fashioned - could you ask me out instead?" Keep up the good work!
6/13/2011 c1 16non.graceful
The ending was shit. That's all I have to say. Maybe you could add a bit more to make it better instead of the cliche "and they lived happily ever after. The end."

I mean, when they meet finally for The first time, isn't it meant to be somewhat speacial? I mean it doesn't have to be cheesy but it doesn't have to be overly bland either.


You told us to review and I reviewed. Hope this doesn't let yOu down.
5/15/2011 c1 mia aurora
great story ! :) and please don't run around in a circle :P
3/7/2011 c1 applenica
your story is so cute and sweet, maybe you should write non-oneshot story.
12/18/2010 c1 9Brolinshipper
I love you're stories:) I'm in the process of reaing them all, and i wasnt topping to review and im sorry for that, cus i get annoyed too, but anywho, I love this story. Andd all the ones before(which i have read already im going in order from when they were last updated)
7/25/2010 c1 2HoPELeSS.RoMaNTiiC
Very sweet :)
5/31/2010 c1 blubbfreak
I'd like to see you running around in circles :-) fun story, I always love the sibling's-best-friend-thingy. And the fact that there are no stupid grammar or spelling mistakes just adds to the reading fun!

Thanks for sharing!
3/23/2010 c1 33FLIPPER66
3/10/2010 c1 1Damned to heaven
You can run around in a circle and scream happily now...lovely story.
2/25/2010 c1 Hidden Flowers
Hilarious! I love it. Actually, I only review for things I either love or hate. Go figure.
7/31/2009 c1 31Hopelessly Cliche
Gosh, I've read this before but I can't believe I didn't review! :O Shame on me. Anywho, lovelovelove it! The first line just cracked me up. I love that volcano/hot reference, that was beautiful. Geddit? Yah, I'm weird, you might not.

Again, loved it! =)


6/7/2009 c1 AdiGal
Haha, that was awesome. Loved the characters.

-AG :)
2/18/2009 c1 2HiddenRoses.BlankPages
LOL, I like it! I would def threaten someone like she did people were prank calling me :)
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