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8/12/2008 c1 25IdeasInTheAir
Like I said earlier, I love it.=) ohh and aw should probably have quotations, and in the fifth last line you forgot a comma. In the last line is should be 'there' not 'their'. Also saying' come join me' kind of messes up the flow for me, but it still workS.

So those are all just technicle things that you really want to watch out for when you post something, especially 'there' and 'there' and 'to' and 'too'.

Other than that, and those are really trivial things, but important nonetheless, I still really like it! Did you change some things since you read it to me? Or maybe my memory is fuzzy. Who knows! Well, you do.

Anywho, good kob, Blender!

Lots of smiles,


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