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for Diabolical Yearnings

8/17/2008 c2 SecretAffair
I like this book so far cant wait to read more. But i have an important question when are going to update Luring Medleys and Prerogatives of Fate. Those are some really great books and i really would like to keep reading more of them.
8/15/2008 c2 1EmoBallOfFluff
This is really good! I love it!
8/15/2008 c2 3S.Squarepants
Another great chapter. I'm kinda suspicious of Ivan though lol.
8/14/2008 c2 1plaidatheart
ah! I can't think of anything else to do at the moment! I love it and all though I know you have heard it all before! I still love it! XD you always write some of the best stories! there always so creative and original!
8/13/2008 c1 plaidatheart
I like it, will you update, or is this story on hold?

XD its wickedly awesome!
8/12/2008 c1 3S.Squarepants
I like this already. Your off to a great start and I'm interested to see what happens next. Good job.

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