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6/23/2017 c22 Lina
ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJK I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! I love Andrea and Reed, they are perfect together! *heart emoji*
6/23/2017 c22 Lina
6/21/2016 c22 1Du
Aw, I loved this story! The character development was brutal, and I was happy that it didn't end their constant bickering, but they rather kept bickering with a lot of endearment... This story was so perfect, the plot was great, and I enjoyed all your characters. I really liked how you never mentioned their age; they could be in their early twenties or thirties - you didn't need to specifiy your characters' age to get the story across, and I found that refreshing. As a whole, Andrea was a fun character to read, and Reed was extremely likeable.
So, great story! Best wishes :)
5/5/2016 c22 7IcanzIIravor
This story was epic. Loved the whole ride. You are a talent:)
5/5/2016 c3 IcanzIIravor
Andrea is insane. Am I right?
5/5/2015 c22 Blueivies
I feel like I just ate a bunch of marshmallow! All the fluffyness, cuteness, sweetness or whatever it is.
3/23/2015 c1 Swati
I like the story,but you use a LOT of italics. You used it more than thirty times in this chapter xD that was the only problem I had. I will continue reading,though,because I find the story really good :3
2/16/2015 c20 3Minerving
I'd rather think of Eric and Jonathan as Andrea's gay couple friends. But I understand that they are brothers, and that that would be incest. Eh.
10/30/2014 c6 tram
She is scaring me. The mood swings I tell you. The temper. The arrogance(and too much of it). The pitiful denial. What the heck came up on her ass and stayed stuck there? She must've had a really bad experience or a horrible past.
10/30/2014 c5 Seriously
What the heck is wrong with the female lead? Is she really starting a fight over wearing sunglasses? She's giving too much meaning to his actions, I have no words. Is she that obsessed to having the last word? She's like every guy's nightmare. The one who'll give a negative meaning to every single word and pick a fight over it. What in the world made her like this?
10/30/2014 c2 Whattheheck
To be completely honest, I really think the main character has such a bad, really rotten personality. Even the things she says to somehow "justify" her actions, all seem like, or are really just excuses to act the way she does which makes me pity her. There should be a reason here somewhere how she turned out like this when her brothers seem to be pretty okay people. The angst rolling off of her in waves is literally too much to handle. Wonder what made her such a bitter IHateTheHumanSpecies type of girl?
9/18/2014 c7 Bee
Honestly, I have problems with the Andrea character. Does she think she is cool, or great? She's a five year old throwing tantrums and making a total idiot out of herself. Reed is really a saint putting up with her crap.
I just hope she will see the light and mature, and learns to act like an adult...
2/12/2014 c22 9LadyJuliette007
I love this! It's great! Feels all over. Ugh. Hahaha :))
1/29/2013 c22 glowingstar101
I love this! Favorited! Keep up the good work!
12/18/2012 c22 9Binkybaby
I freaking loved it dude.
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