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9/17/2001 c1 3jeza134
howdy sarah it's jenny here, what up?
6/22/2001 c1 48Ragdoll
This is really good. I think you should write whatever poetry comes naturally to you. Don't force yourself to write a happy poem but please don't limit yourself to angst because you'd be depriving the world of poems like this! I love the different descriptions of freedom. I too have relieved the boredom of lessons with an active imagination - actually I'm off to do that now because I'm late for lesson.
6/21/2001 c1 1lcm
you know you really need to spend more tinme listning to me next time i tell you somethings good when we're in class see you round *lcm*
5/15/2001 c1 18Adar Daath
I'm not so sure this IS a happy poem. The last stanza is sudden, powerful. A complete shift from the pattern evoked. Does it truely bear hope, or is the implication that of "lossening the chains" to allow the captive a sense of freedom. (I am stupidly reading way to much into this...)

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