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for Sleeping with the Enemy

4/15/2011 c31 2TheMightyFork
It was a good story. But I don't feel like Jack ever really popped. I was a Cole fan the entire way through. It sucks. Someone said you were doing a story on him? Well, if it's about love, please please please don't make his love interest a blonde. Ugh...
4/11/2011 c31 1Spiked Angel
I absolutely loved the story, it could have been prrof read more for simple typos, but overall really well written.

i'm an ENORMOUS Cole fan in Part 1, but that was for part 1...he was her huge teenage love, Jack was the best for her in the end. Cole just bugged me in part 2, too much angst. as much as i would have loved her to end up with cole...i think you made the right choice (pains me to say it but...)

thanks for the entertainment!
4/7/2011 c3 Kiiimberly
4/7/2011 c8 Pseudonym59
I love Joss and Jack. *Sighs* They're just so cute.

Lydia is getting more and more on my nerves.
4/7/2011 c2 Kiiimberly
"They think they can just go sticking their penises in whatever then want."

4/7/2011 c1 Kiiimberly
LOL freaking hilarious :p
4/7/2011 c3 Pseudonym59
I sense a love triangle. :)
4/6/2011 c1 Pseudonym59
Man, Cole's mother is completely diabolical. :)
3/31/2011 c7 4LiveLaughLoveLuck
Aw :X :X :X Cole is so damn cute! Jack's ok, but I want Cole and Joss to be together !

This story is really nice. Love it =]

I'm gunna go read the next chapter ;) Ttuls.
3/20/2011 c30 5My-Bloody-Sacrifice96
lovelovelovelovelove. at first i totally loved cole. then i loved jack.t hen i loved cole again. then jack again. now i just don't know. I loved this story, just saying♥
3/19/2011 c31 16non.graceful
great job! but erm.. with the scene before the wedding, i felt as if you should have added just a bit more to the making up scene with Jack & Joss.

Although i do hate you for making her choose Jack, it was quite a good story and um... yeha

2/26/2011 c2 7N-butterfly
Nice chap... I think you need to proofread just a little more, cuz some sentences I didn't really get without reading twice. But nice chap.
2/26/2011 c1 N-butterfly
Luv it! Funny, witty, awesome! :D
2/25/2011 c31 bobsaysyes
Ah! That was so good, btw your going to hate me for saying this but...I WANT COLE :( He is the bestest smexiest character, I know you said that you were writting another story on him but I really want him to be with joss. I really like her as a character and her and cole seemed so right. I like jack as a character don't get me wrong but I always wanted him to end up with addison and then cole and joss would be together :( OH WELL :) It was a really good story, I loved it even though the guy I wanted to win didn't. THe story was realy good, I think you are a really talented author

thanks for finishing this story and making it great

-Kristen (A.k.a Fiction-fan-4eva)

2/19/2011 c31 1checkyesdana
i just read this all and I love it. I definitely enjoyed the second part better, a lot more passion. Normally I would have cheered for the Cole character to get the girl but like you said Jack is just so perfect and I did not want him heart broken. I approve of the ending immensely!
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