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for Sleeping with the Enemy

11/27/2016 c31 Leftie issa Bae
amazing story but I think you should work on the ending.

Joss and Jack are cute together but I wanted Cole and joss.
5/22/2016 c16 crazydaisyyy
I don't like her together with jack :( nooo go back to cole
5/22/2016 c12 crazydaisyyy
loved this chapter
5/13/2016 c30 Tahleah reader
I only read this chapter to see if Cole crashed the wedding. This is wrong! Immortal beloved, beethoven in the rain wrong! RED FLAGS - She doesn't know how to argue with Jack. She believes she must be perfect for the relationship to work. Literally stayed in the safe zone her entire life. Zero fun zone. The bakery? Is not HER full potential it's a degree of how far she's willing to create a whole world on one guy, believing that he's her only shot in love. Hence the whatever he taught me I will make my life's goal mentality. After 7 years together, AND THAT REACTION, no trust no honesty and no actual conversation?!

I'm still in shock that you altered these characters- Cole and Joss- core, because their truth was leading you to pity Jack. WTF does that mean? I'm reading this eight years later and I'm fucking pissed that it's still not fixed! They love each other, there's nothing that can't be said. She went to Cole after every altercation seeking his opinion. Feedback etc

This is one of the most beautifully drawn out stories I've read on here - and you made it a tragedy by neglecting the truth of your main character. The depth of love that Cole and Joss have, carried over those years. It never dissipated, only paused. Soulmates make mistakes in order to really find each other - they did a lot of that. And you kept her with the rebound?! Just because Cole didn't know that she didn't like apples? In order to counter act him knowing, innately, what she needed even after years of separation. Their connection is real and beneficial.

But it's swamped out for a nice mother figure she always wanted instead of the loving gritty relationship she HAS Will Cole? They fought against each other in the beginning, it should have ended with them fighting for one another. And you made them weak. That is awful beyond words.

Please 're-write the ending chapters.
5/7/2016 c4 Catylia
The story is great . I wanted to read some love hate from a long tym. But then I see this
Seriously its good,great humor. But major holes. I mean why can't a god damn girl just be a little more serious about bring locked up in a mansion and people forcing her.? Seriously if my parents sighned a contract of me being there ,I would hate the whole family. And condom?who asks a girl to go to their son's room and have sex? Seriously ?and she didn't even protest?
11/15/2015 c30 annayh44
Dammit dammit dammit I hate this story I hate Jack the most God screw this Guy and I hate Joss the most in world...I just hate it million times no offence please you wrote great story but what shall I do...I want Cole to get love..dammit I want to cry cry cry so hard I didn't read the last two chapter just look at it..,I don't have power to read it...I hate you Joss you crazy woman slut whore ahhhhhhhh fuck off and I am sorry writer
11/15/2015 c27 annayh44
What was that? Please take out Jack from picture or I swear will start crying Yeah I know it will be horrible for Jack but I will cry huhuhu
11/15/2015 c26 annayh44
Hell No They are driving me insane ! Totally! I love them and I love Cole so much but its terrible how can Joss do to Guy who she had 7 years wasted and deeply in love...Joss you are screwed ! Cole hmm its not your mistake
11/15/2015 c24 annayh44
Cole yaaaaaaaaaa Idiot Evil hahaha he use Melody lol Awww Cole & Joss are so cuteeeee and Melody and Cole are so cuteee toooo,...thank God There's no long part of Jack conversation if he is ridiculously sweet I won't will be handle what I am gonna do to Cole xD But I love Cole..alot
11/15/2015 c23 annayh44
Now now COLE you jerk why did you kiss her Idiot...ahhhh I guess both Cole and Joss are screw up so they deserve eachother lol
11/15/2015 c20 annayh44
Jee in this chapter how much do I hate Joss. Like I want to chop off her head! Jack she got Guy now Cole can't leave him alone and go marry away with Jack aisssh my blood is boiling ! But if no drama no story
7/13/2015 c31 qwertyy
I am so so disappointed with the ending. I like to think that she just ran off with Cole and all that bs didn't happen..
3/13/2015 c30 Blueivies
Ohh no. Another second male lead syndrome. Coleeeeeeeee :(
1/19/2015 c31 MusicGurl8129
I'm shocked. I read some reviews for this chapter and well... some were just rude. And some I agreed with. In my past comment for chapter 30 I said how something bothered me about Joss & Jake, and after reading the reviews for this chapter I realized why. It always felt like Joss was being be too safe. She didn't take risks, nor had she rarely ever acted on her true feelings. Like when Cole ran away and Joss regretted not going with him. Without her knowing her heart told Joss to go with him, but her head told her to stay. It seemed to have stayed that way 7 years later. And like others have said before me Jack seemed too perfect. It was hard to relate to him. And then when Jack & Joss forgave each other... he said he wanted to start over, yet she asks her to marry him minute later. They never even talked, which they should of done, mistake or not, Joss had some issues she needed to be sort through. She went over to Cole's with the full intention of having sex with him. That was a red flag right there.
Joss & Cole even had more chemistry. I mean, it was centered on them from the start, so to have the story change it's course in part 2 was weird.
I will be honest, the story would have been (personally) better to me if they saw each other again, feelings ignite, Cole teases her a bit and flirts, until they settle down and develop a close friendship. They're getting close and it starts tension between them when they (Joss mostly) realizes their feelings are not so innocent for each other the second time around. Joss is too close to Cole to let him go, even though she knew that if she ever wanted to be with Jack, she had to break ties with Cole. Then one night... they spend a not-so-innocent night together. And basically it end with Joss telling Jack, she tries and mend things between them but instead she realizes after a while just how much she doesn't need Jack nor want him as much as she thought, and stays single for a year or two to find herself without a man by her side. Then to come back in contact with Cole and basically their frienship grows into more, and it's obvious they'll be together in the end.
I had hopes it would end a little like that while reading it.
Don't misunderstand me though, your characters, plots and writing are very good. And personal feelings aside, the story was amazing, and not one you forget.
1/19/2015 c30 MusicGurl8129

Chapter 28 was so depressing. I was feeling Joss's feelings and it hurt. In chapter 29, I'll be honest, Cole cracked me up. He put the first smile on my face, and I knew then I STILL shipped Cole with Joss. Don't get me wrong, Joss & Jack are very cute. They had a great relationship as well. But I still just didn't feel it. From the start I tried liking Jack, but I couldn't, his relationship or story didn't at all personally intrigue me. I didn't want to learn more about him, and I only saw him a side character that could be easily replaced. I'm not at all trying to say Cole was the best match, he had his bad moments (a lot), but he still intrigued me more then anything. He had these layers and sadness and he just striked me. I just wish we got to see Joss & Cole as a couple. A glimpse of what it would of been like between them. It's hard to when they withheld their feelings and didn't really get to develop as even friends. That's the only thing that really disappoints me is that.
Something that bothered me though, was how Joss kept saying how sweet and perfect Jack was. Which in hindsight, is true, but I don't know, it just bothered me. It seemed incomplete to me. I don't really know why.

All in all, personal feelings aside this is a good story with a good ending, you did it well and I enjoyed it :)
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