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7/13/2011 c42 2Ray-Anne
Just to be sure I understood the ending...

Everyone dies?
3/12/2011 c42 6theStarfly
The fuck was that ending? Total cop out! XD

Are you going to write any more or just leave everyone hanging?

Like a sequel?

I loved this story, you're an amazing writer, please please please don't say that was the end all be all end !
10/3/2010 c42 SerpentMoon
is there going to be a squeal?
8/3/2009 c42 Aaliyah526
Plz dont tell me its over...i LOVE Kain and Matt♥
4/6/2009 c42 2Purple Above
2/10/2009 c42 TrueLoveStoriesNeverHaveEnding
ok i have to say that you did absolutely amazing. You made everything so clear that i could picture it perfectly. I love it. I cant wait to read the rest of the other books!
2/9/2009 c42 2transitionofthe
all done.
2/9/2009 c40 transitionofthe
so confusing, but thats what you wanted.
2/9/2009 c39 transitionofthe
three more chapters. YES!
1/3/2009 c42 45Jessicuh
NO! That can't be the end! D: You have to write MOAR. Do another book! Hmm or maybe you have? Hn, I must look. but NO where ish muh yaoi? *cries* Btw, this story is really good. Lol I loved it obvobv.
12/26/2008 c17 2transitionofthe
o i so hate Ayrton right now!
12/26/2008 c14 transitionofthe
this chapter had me on the floor my ribs still hurt.
12/26/2008 c12 transitionofthe
hm,poor matt having his twin try to hurt his boyfriend.that is a twist isn't it
12/21/2008 c9 4The Howler
...Dude. That was intense. Guy on guy action...WOAH. At first I hadn't exspected it...Then BANG! Right in muh face.

But, hey. It's good! This story is really good.
12/20/2008 c1 5Mekena VerSluis
"He was a beautiful person, naturally elegant, with the blood accenting his fair skin. He seemed to sparkle in the moonlight."

You make Kain sound like a twilight Vampire. LMAO!
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